Mexican cosplayer makes us fall in love with cosplay of Hinatsuru wife of KNY’s Tengen Uzui

There is nothing better than a good fusion between anime and cosplayand since in eGames we take pampering very seriously, we have brought you a new cosplayer, a beautiful girl who has great talent each brings an anime character to life, so let’s enjoy our hobby together.

She is Karen G., a beautiful Latina model and cosplayer, to be more specific, a Mexican from Nuevo León, who is also a content creator and streamer. This charismatic girl gives us some great elaborate cosplay versions in large settings based on anime and video games. You can find her on her official Instagram as @karengwaifu, where she has nearly 84,000 followers.

On this occasion, we will talk about a cosplay version based on the popular anime called demon slayerwhich is also known as Kimetsu no Yaibaone of the favorites among fans, which has shown us spectacular action scenes, never-before-seen animations, and an interesting list of characters within its story.

Now, we bring you a new cosplay version of one of the 3 wives of tengen uzuihis name is hinatsurua beautiful kunoichi, a beautiful young woman of average height, who has an enviable figure, as well as long black hair that she collects in a ponytail and beautiful violet eyes that make us sweat.

Karen, sporting long dark hair in a ponytail, a short purple dress with black diamond detailing, white accents, and a fuchsia pink sash around her petite waist, along with a plunging V-neckline, as well as hypnotic violet eyes, makeup that frames her sweet gaze and soft pink lips.

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