Mexican model makes us fall in love as Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer

Thanks to the popularity of this cool anime, demon slayer, fans have been able to see thousands of tributes and performances by the fandom. Whether through fan arts, musical recreations, figurines, among a lot of other things. But one of the tributes that stands out the most among fans is the world of cosplayand that’s what we want to talk about here.

Demon Slayer: Kimtesu no Yaiba is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime of the moment, if not in history. The series is based on the popular manga of the same name written and illustrated by the talented Koyoharu Gotoge. And the anime already has two very successful seasons to its credit and a film that has already become the highest grossing film in Japan, and the highest grossing film of the genre in the entire world.

Now, this cute cosplay comes from the beautiful Mexican model and talented cosplayer Yadira Alvarezwhich has us loved with his cool cosplay from Mitsuri Kanrojithe Pillar of Love in the history of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. And we think that the result is spectacular, because the details that accompany this cosplay are great.

For now, the second season of demon slayerhas already come to an end, and fans are eager to see what the third season of the anime holds for Tanjiro and his friends, which has already been confirmed, and we will see the adaptation of the Blacksmith Village Arc.

During this arc, Tanjiro must travel to the village where the blacksmiths reside in order to meet the person responsible for making his nichirin sword. In the place, he meets several Demon Hunters and two important Pillars, but when everything seems to be fine, things take a sudden turn, however, we will leave you to enjoy this interesting story for yourself. What did you think of this cosplay?