Minty Chan shows off her most revealing cosplay as Demon Slayer’s Mitsuri Kanroji

There is no doubt that Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the most popular manga in recent years, especially thanks to the incredible work that Ufotable is doing on its anime adaptation, which ended its second season earlier this year. Thanks to this we have seen more and more Demon Slayer cosplays, like the one from Mitsuri Kanroji who presented Minty-chan.

Minty Chan is a very popular ero cosplayer despite having been active on the scene for a short time, but in this time she has distinguished herself for her cosplays full of fan service that imagine new situations for the characters she plays. The Mitsuri Kanroji cosplay from Kimetsu no Yaiba that she made is no exception.

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The first time we saw Minty Chan in her Mitsiru Kanroji cosplay was a couple of days ago, when she posted a photo in the outfit worn by demon slayers in the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime and manga. Although her first cosplay showed a very faithful look to the original character, Minty Chan took liberties in her next Pillar of Love cosplay.

Yesterday Minty Chan posted her most revealing and non-workable cosplay to date, posting a photo of her Mitsuri Kanroji cosplay in lingerie, showing a new side of Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Pillar of Love. Although the character’s personality is very different from what we see in the photos, many Demon Slayer fans left positive comments on the post.

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If you like the style that Minty Chan has when it comes to cosplaying, I recommend that you take a look at her social networks, because Mitsuri Kanroji’s cosplay is not the first she has done based on a character from Kimetsu no Yaiba, because in the past had published a cosplay of Nezuko Kamado with an erocosplay style very similar to that of the pillar of love.