Momo Kim Lee is female Tengen Uzui in a Demon Slayer genderbend cosplay

Earlier this year, the second season of the anime of demon slayer and we got to see the pillar of sound in action, thanks to which he has become one of the most popular characters. This inspired the talented Momo Kim Lee to make a cosplay of Tengen Uzui showing what the character would look like if she were a woman and in live-action.

Momo Kim Lee is a Mexican cosplayer who has a little over six years of experience, since her first professional cosplay was published in September 2016 and since then she has constantly improved the quality of her work. Among the most recent cosplays of hers we have that of Tengen Uzui, which could also be one of her best.

Momo Kim Lee in her first Tengen Uzui cosplay from Demon Slayer.

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In the time that she has been cosplaying, we have seen Momo Kim Lee transform into characters from video games, comics, anime, and manga, but this is not the first time that she has paid tribute to Demon Slayer. We had previously shown her Daki cosplay and with Tengen Uzui she shows that she can be both a villain and a demon slayer.

We first saw Momo Kim Lee in her Tengen Uzui cosplay in mid-September, when she surprised her Kimetsu no Yaiba fans and followers with her genderbend cosplay. Since then we have seen several pictures of her from her Tengen Uzui cosplay and each one looks better than the last.

Momo Kim Lee is a cosplayer who distinguishes herself by transforming into both faithful versions of the source material and originals with a lot of fan service, and in the case of Tengen Uzui she is no exception. For proof of this is the last photograph of her in her Tengen Uzui cosplay that she posted in September, with which she said that she only came to whim.

Momo Kim Lee in her second Tengen Uzui cosplay from Demon Slayer.

No doubt Momo Kim Lee’s Tengen Uzui cosplays may be among the best of the character in her Genderbend version, but this is just one of several excellent cosplays that this talented cosplayer has done throughout this year. If you like this tribute to Demon Slayer, I invite you to visit Momo Kim Lee’s networks so you don’t miss her other cosplays.