Mononoke, a surreal anime from 2007, announces its next feature film with this trailer

As the names can lead to confusion, we clarify that the film that we are going to talk about in this news has little to do with princess mononoke by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Mononoke It was an anime by Toei Animation that premiered in 2007..

The series was a spin-off of another anime, Ayakashi japanese classic horrorreleased a year earlier. Mononoke told us the story of an apothecary that seemed set in feudal Japan.


mononoke movie Kenji Nakamura Twin Engine

The name of the series is given because mononoke it means vengeful spirit. Thus, the protagonist of the anime had to investigate and solve events related to supernatural creatures that were sowing death wherever they went.

In order to destroy the mononoke, its protagonist had to find out its Form, Truth and Reason by questioning the characters related to the catastrophes. Mononoke throughout his twelve episodes he told us five cases of this peculiar apothecary. Now his adventures will continue in an anime feature film in which the people involved in the original series will again participate.

Kenji Nakamuraone of the directors of the 2007 anime, will be in charge of directing the film of MononokeY Takahiro Sakurai (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) will once again lend his voice to the leading apothecary.

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In this case, the production of the feature film will be carried out by twin-enginewhich you may know from other projects such as: The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl (2017), Penguin Highway (2018), cat love (2020) or Star Wars: Visions (2021).

In addition to his story, One of the most outstanding aspects of Mononoke it was his surreal animation different from the visual proposals of other anime of the moment. The feature film of Mononoke plans to premiere in 2023which perhaps encourages the original anime to reach one of the most popular streaming platforms.