Montalivet: BDM 33, a story of enthusiasts born in 2004

After a “forced” interruption in 2020, linked to the health crisis, the association was able to reconnect with this event in 2021. It was a great success with the launch of the Seagull prize and the implementation of free admission. ‘entrance. Attendance increased exponentially on this occasion. In total, nearly 3,300 people attended the comic strip summer.

This art is also a marker of the era. It is easy to trace the sociological developments that have marked the movements of society. Comics open up to history, through biographies or drawn novels. There are works on Camille Claudel, Zola, Voltaire. “Comic strips can represent a facilitating bridge towards more conventional literature”, specifies Jean-Marie Feron, in charge of communication for the association.

He continues by evoking the association’s commitment to highlighting the different facets of comics: “Comic strips are an art that brings together many professions: screenwriters, colorists, designers. This sharing in the realization of the works is found within the public of the readers around the events that we set up. There is a real craze for comics, especially among the youngest since the appearance of manga”.

popular manga

Note that the Gironde is located at 2and rank of departments, in number of comic book creators. This shows the cultural importance of this activity, with in particular more than 5,000 new comic book albums published in 2021. This same year saw a growth in turnover in value of 50% compared to 2020, to settle to 889 million euros. More than 85 million albums were sold in 2021 representing one in four books.

The Top 3 sales include No. 1 “Asterix and the Griffin” with 1,547 million copies, No. 2 “Naruto” Volume I (Manga) with 275,000 copies, “Demon Slayer” Volume I (Manga) 250,000 copies. In the Top 10, there are seven manga comics. Manga recorded a 107% increase in sales over one year, children’s comics by 34%, genre comics by 20% and comics by 18%.

The BDM33 association is already working on the 2022 edition of the Estivales de la BD. For the 18and edition of 2022, a quality platform is planned, of about twenty authors with the presence (in development) of specialized publishers.

As for the Seagull Prize, eight libraries were partners in 2021, a figure increased to 40 for the 2022 edition.