More beautiful life: a former star of the series not invited to the party of the last episode, she swings

The end of filming PBLV celebrated by the actors

We will have to wait until November 18, 2022 to discover the last episode of More beautiful life on France 3, but the filming has already ended in Marseille. While the actors have gradually said goodbye to their characters in recent weeks, it was this Thursday, September 29 that the end clap officially sounded on the Mistral set. A situation that was feared by many actors, but which was nicely handled by the producers.

Indeed, rather than letting the actors part in tears, the creative team of the daily series had the good idea to organize a huge party the next day. On this occasion, all the people who have supported PBLV since 2004 have been able to come together to drink and eat together, and rekindle some moving memories.

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Jean-François Malet was not invited

Everyone ? Almost. As confessed Jean-Francois Malet on Facebook (the post seems to have since disappeared), he never received his invitation card: “Of course, I would not have participated in “the party” but it would have been elegant to invite me“. Then, questioned by one of his fans on the reason why he would have in any case declined such a proposal, the unforgettable interpreter of Jean-François Leroux – who had slammed the door in 2015, mysteriously specified: “We don’t dance on a coffin. I’m not going to complain but it’s quite revealing.“Yes, seven years after his departure from the series, the actor still seems to have a certain resentment in him,”Apart from the technical teams and a few actors and actresses, I was never really in my place.“.