Mute for more than three years, the manga Hunter x Hunter finally back?

On Twitter, a mysterious account posted an image and a caption that would indicate new chapters to come.

Voting the best manga of all time would lead to endless debate. between the classics dragonball, Detective Conan, One Piece Where slam dunkand new masters of the genre like Demon Slayer Where The attack of the Titans (whose anime will finally end in 2023), the competition is tough. To this vast list, we can also add Hunter x Huntergreat classic of Yoshihiro Togashi.

A Mysterious Twitter Post That Could Mean Big Things

First pre-published in the weekly Weekly Shonen Jump (which is now experiencing a real crisis of interest), Hunter x Hunter is a shonen and counts 36 volumes published in France. Adapted in 1999 as an anime, the manga tells the story of Gon, a 12-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a “Hunter”, in other words an elite adventurer. In hopes of reuniting with his father, one of the greatest Hunters of all time, Gon must first pass a series of difficult and perilous trials in order to pass the Hunter Exam. Gon will be helped in his quest by various characters he will meet, such as Kurapika, Leorio or Killua.

But for more than three years, we have not heard from the manga. In November 2018, the mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi had decided to pause the adventures of Gon without mentioning the slightest delay, or even a possible return. But to the delight of fans, an enigmatic photo has just been posted on the mangaka’s own Twitter account. On this tweet, we can see an annotation in Japanese, which can be translated as ” Four more episodes so far ».

Real relaunch of the manga or simple gain before a new break?

As a reminder, it was health problems, and in particular at the level of the back, which had prompted Yoshihiro Togashi to put his flagship work on hold. A decision that we imagine difficult, for a manga that began in 1998. If some doubts remain about the fact that this Twitter account is indeed that of the mangaka, many agree thatHunter x Hunter will be making a comeback. Another clue that would go in this direction: the Twitter account in question here is followed by the mangaka of One-Punch Mannamely Yusuke Murata, which would prove that it is not a question of an illustrious stranger or of any account.

What is certain is that the sudden end of Gon’s adventures in November 2018, with no prospect of a sequel, had moved all lovers of the soap opera and that a comeback would be one of the events of the months. coming. With 79 million copies sold and 390 chapters published in Weekly Shonen Jump, Hunter x Hunter remains a real reference on the manga market. The work has already experienced many breaks in its writing, and we could therefore hope for a new return. Maybe from 2023?