My Hero Academia: season 6 finally dated, soon the end of the manga?

News culture My Hero Academia: season 6 finally dated, soon the end of the manga?

It’s one of the best-selling manga of the decade, likely thanks to the help of a quality anime adaptation. It is in 2022 that this animated adaptation will see the broadcast of its sixth season, while the manga will also come to an end next year.

The header video is the official trailer for My Hero Academia Season 6. It was published yesterday, on the occasion of the Jump Fiesta event.

My Hero Academia season 6: the official release date

This weekend was held the Jump Fiesta, publisher Shueisha’s annual event to talk about his manga and anime projects. If there were a lot of announcements during these two days of the festival, it is My Hero Academia which has captured the attention. Indeed, the sixth season of its animated adaptation was officially announced on Sunday.

It is via a trailer that this season 6 was unveiled … As well as a release date! The sequel to Deku’s adventures will air in the fall of 2022. It adapts the narrative arc of the Paranormal Liberation War, narrative arc still treated by the manga. The latter will publish volume 31 in France on January 06.

My Hero Academia: the end of the manga?

The Jump Fiesta was also the occasion for Kohei Horikoshi, the author of My Hero Academia, to announce that the writing of the manga would enter its home stretch. It indicates that “If all goes according to plan, My Hero Academia story could end in 2022“.

It would therefore be a new page of the shônen which would be turned next year, with the conclusion of a manga which will have marked its time. He will then join Demon Slayer and The attack of the Titans, the latest volumes of which were published in November 2020 and June 2021 respectively.

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