Naruto’s Skin would arrive in Fortnite in November 2021, promises HYPEX

The Naruto skin for Fortnite It is the most requested in recent months, because at the end of July a rumor emerged that Epic Games had obtained the rights to the character from Shueisha and would be part of the battle pass of the Season 8. However, when the current season’s battle pass came out Naruto was not present, but HYPEX promises that it will arrive soon.

As many people keep asking me… Fornite x Naruto is going to happen next month, I promise you”The leaker posted on his Twitter account in October. “I’m just as excited as you guys but we have to wait a little longer”. The next season will start in December, so if what HYPEX says is true, the promise of Naruto in Fortnite Season 8.

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In recent weeks rumors of the skin de Naruto They resurfaced thanks to a photograph by Donal Mustard, Epic Games’ Executive Director of Communications. In this photograph you can see that Mustard is holding a manga in his hands, although it is not possible to appreciate which series it belongs to. However, rumors claimed that Epic Games had signed an agreement with Shueisha, one of the most representative publishers of manga in Japan.

Another leak that happened at the end of October ensured that Sasuke and Kakashi skins would also arrive in Fortnite. Dataminers believe that a mysterious object they found in the Fortnite files is the ninja bandana from Naruto, and last month two variants emerged with the letters K and S, which gave way to the rumor of the arrival of Kakashi y Sasuke.

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If the collaboration of Epic Games con Shueisha turns out to be true, it would not be impossible to see skins from other series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Demon Slayer o My Hero Academia. If you want to get an idea of ​​what other anime characters would look like in the Battle Royale, you can check out the concept of some artists who imagined what Goku from Dragon Ball would look like in Fortnite.