Negrepelisse. Artists reveal themselves in college

the essential
Teachers, students, artists, as well as the staff of the Jean-Honoré-Fragonard de Nègrepelisse college, came together for this opening in a spirit of conviviality, relaxation and sharing.

On Friday March 25, the opening of the exhibition “Slayer Drawings” took place, organized by plastic arts teacher Marie-Lise Léporati and budding artists Bushra Jaralah, Lënaelle Lagasse and Clémentine Peyre, unfortunately only present remotely.

The name of the exhibition refers to the manga “Demon Slayer”, written and drawn by Koyoharu Gotōge. But here, we don’t kill drawings, we just look at them. You can see two walls filled with framed drawings of the three artists and their biographies written by Ms. Léporati, which allows you to learn a little more about the lives of the exhibitors, their backgrounds, their interests, as well as what makes them passionate.

This exhibition highlights the work of these young budding artists who have made us appreciate their art through different styles, all linked by manga. We were also able to interview them and we understand that they went above and beyond to offer us this exhibition for three. They don’t intend to stop there, and we hope to see them collaborating again, this time, with other artists and offering new things very soon.

This opening was an excellent moment of good humor. If you go through the college, we strongly advise you to take five minutes of your time to take a look and appreciate the drawings of Bushra, Clémentine and Lënaelle.

Three bubbly young artists

Lëanelle, an increasingly assertive follower of costplay (it’s not uncommon to come across her, this year, with her kimono and her butterfly in her hair), is of course immersed in the Japanese culture of manga and cartoons . “Demon Slayer” and other creations from Ghibli studios are his favorite sources of inspiration. Today she invents her own characters, creates her own style, decorates her shoes and uses color brilliantly. An artist in the making!

Discreet Bushra. Bushra is a sweet girl who speaks with a faint voice that barely hides her shyness. She draws with great humility. She says she only does a few drawings like that, but in real life, her sketchbooks are overflowing!

Clémentine is the annoying girl to whom everything seems easy: she is cool, friendly and confident. Very creative, she is busy sketching with everything that comes to hand. Pens, felt-tip pens, watercolours, nothing slows down his inventiveness; she likes to test everything and nothing inspires her. She even draws on glass and tracing paper to play with transparency!