Netflix: after Demon Slayer, this anime which is bowing out is a real hit

Still reserved for a niche audience a few years ago, the shōnens and others manga have become incredibly popular. With the rise of streaming platforms, this is also the case anime, on which a lot of people rely Netflix. Lately, one of them has been particularly successful.

An adaptation coming to an end

One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball… These are just the most popular and well-known manga/anime names among the general public. But there are many more, more recent, which have their place in the hearts of fans just as much. of this kind of production. In recent years, we can cite in particular the incredible success of Demon Slayer – Kimetsu No Yaiba.

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But we can also mention the case of Shaman King. Announced in 2020, the anime adaptation covers all 35 volumes shōnen by Hiroyuki Takei. The broadcast begins from April 2021 on the TV Tokyo channel and then on others, before Netflix bought the rights later in the year. Since then, episodes have been broadcast in bursts. Since May 26, the last fourteen episodes, from the 39th to the 52nd, are available on the SVOD platform, as the battle against Hao Asakura intensifies.

For those who do not know at all the universe of Shaman King, we follow Yoh, a shaman able to see ghosts and merge with them in order to use their skills. His ultimate goal being to get his hands on the Great Spirit (basically, the MVP of ghosts) and acquire universal knowledge, we follow his journey as rivals try to put a spoke in his wheels and become king of shamans in its place.

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Another project around Shaman King

If this synopsis may seem a little strange when you are not familiar with the universe, Shaman King nevertheless unleashed passions and managed to capture the attention of spectators during more than 50 episodes of more or less 25 minutes each, so much so that the anime is currently Top 7 Series on Netflix.

This is not the first time that he has managed to capture attention, since after the start of the publication of the original manga in 1998, others followed and enriched the universe. Currently, it is for example the shōnen Shaman King: Marcos which is in the process of being published.

But a first anime was also released in July 2001. At the time, it was already on the Tokyo TV channel that could be seen the 64 episodes. The acquisition of the rights to the second animated series by Netflix, however, had the enormous advantage of give much more visibility to the work at the international level. Moreover, the platform should not give up on Shaman King following the end of the series sincea sequel is already in production. Title Shaman King: Flowers, it will dwell on the adventures of Hana Asakura, the son of Yoh and Anna. It will be based on the eponymous manga, published between 2012 and 2014.

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Waiting, Shaman King is currently available in full on Netflix.