Netflix finally presents its anime calendar for the next few months!

As we approach the last months of the year, Netflix has finally presented its anime schedule for the next few months!

Good news for Netflix subscribers! The streaming platform finally presents its anime calendar for the next few months! MCE TV therefore reveals everything from A to Z.

Netflix unveils its anime schedule

In a few years, the reputation of ‘anime’ exploded. These films have enjoyed large audiences in Japan since the 1970s and 1980s.

Now, the ‘anime’ has gone around the world. We find several of them, whether on television channels, in videos on the networks. But also at the cinema or streaming on Netflix.

Eh yes ! The platform has therefore decided to seize the phenomenon to please all fans of Japanese animations. It broadcasts more and more anime that are unanimous.

Hunter x Hunter, SNK, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Fullmetal Alchemist… You are spoiled for choice. And as we approach the last months of the year, Netflix has therefore updated its ‘anime’ schedule.

Berserk (Netflix)

Starting December 1, anime fans can experience Berserk on Netflix. His arrival has also ignited Twitter. And for good reason ! Berserk is part of the nuggets, which comes straight from the mangas of Kentaro Miura.

It is then the anime adaptation of 1997. Fans will therefore be able to discover the adventures of Guts, a solitary warrior who has chosen to become the sole master of his destiny.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone ocean

An anime that will be released also 1 December on Netflix. This film comes from Hirohiko Araki’s manga. The streaming platform will therefore release 25 to 38 episodes.

Lots of movies for the winter

Parasite: The Maxim

On November 30, anime fans can also discover Parasite on Netflix. We discover the story of the young Shin’ichi who must fight an invasion of parasites. All have invaded the Earth, cwhich therefore endangers the human species.

Maniac by Junji Ito: Macabre Anthology

To see this anime on Netflix, you will have to wait until January 19, 2023. It is then a nugget that sends heavy.
“A new artwork for Junji Ito, Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre! »

This is what Netflix announced on its platform. On, we can therefore read the following synopsis: “It tells the story of the femme fatale who can seduce any man and even push him to murder. But, the victim is therefore the immortal”. We can’t wait to watch this novelty!

Valkyrie Apocalypse on Netflix

Season 2 is coming to Netflix in early 2023. A Netflix production. “This time, the patience of the gods is at an end. Between wars and pollution, humans therefore do not evolve. And they also spend most of their time wreaking havoc on earth. »

“The deities therefore decide unanimously to destroy humanity by triggering the apocalypse! On Nautiljon, the summary announces heavy! No doubt, season 2 is therefore eagerly awaited on Netflix!