Netflix still offers a great classic of Japanese animation

Netflix wants to knock out the competition by recovering a classic shonen animation.

Netflix has definitely made the choice to focus on Japanese animation. In addition to betting on its own original creations, the SVOD platform also intends to offer some great classics of the genre. Demon Slayer, Hunter x Hunter or animated films signed by the Ghibli studio, the service has taken care over the past few months to expand its catalog. And he does not intend to stop in such a good way.

It is via its official Twitter account that the firm at N rouge confirmed this week the arrival of the cult anime Hajime no Ippo: The fighting. The complete series will be available in a few days, from January 1st. If the sports shonen is already accessible on DNA, its arrival on Netflix promises to make it rediscover to the greatest number.

An animation champion

When young Ippo is beaten up by high school bullies, a former boxing champion comes to his aid, and instills in him a passion for boxing. It must be said that the teenager is endowed with incredible strength, which proves to be very useful in combat. Animated by the prestigious studio Madhouse, to whom we owe in particular Hunter x Hunter, Parasite, One Punch-Manor Monster, series Hajime no Ippo: The fighting is a nugget of its kind.

Only fear on the part of the fans: that the series is (still) deprived of VF. Recall that the French dubbing of Hajime no Ippo: The fighting is particularly rare to find, and that it concerns only the first 25 episodes. For the moment, the platform has not officially expressed itself on the subject, but the forecasts are rather pessimistic, when we know that even ADN does not have VF rights.

For their part, many Internet users have called on Netflix for the production of a unreleased fourth season. If success is there, it cannot be ruled out that Ippo and Takamura will put on their gloves again.