Netflix: These films and series that you should not miss during this month of November on the streaming platform!

For the next month, the program is already loaded on Netflix. Series and films will be in the spotlight. The month of November will be marked by the return of cult series and the arrival of blockbusters

Winter is coming slowly, it will soon be the opportunity to make a good movie warm under the duvet. And with Netflix you won’t be disappointed! “Big Mouth” and “Narcos” will make a big comeback with new seasons. The long-awaited blockbuster will also be on the program with “RED NOTICE”. We tell you all about the new releases!

Netflix: Catalog of next month’s series

Although this month has just started, Netflix Already offers us the catalog of its series for the month of November. It will be marked by the return of cult series with new seasons. But also, by the arrival of those which are eagerly awaited. From 1is by November 24, everything is there. Thus, everyone will be entitled to their favorite program on the platform.

Series “Narcos: Mexico” will begin its season 3, normally the last. Indeed, it will be broadcast in 10 episodes in which we will talk about the Guadalajara Cartel in the 90s. The novelty? For the first time, it will be a woman the narrator. On the production side, Eric Newman gives way to Carlo Bernard of “24 Heures Chrono”.

For what followed the story of young college teens on the American West Coast, you’d be happy. “Big Mouth” will be available on Netflix from November 5th. Indeed, it has been broadcast since September 2017. But, let’s hope that this season 5 will be like the previous seasons. That is to say, the fact of speaking without any taboos about the problems of young people. Note that no scene from this new broadcast has yet been unveiled.


In addition, other series will also be available on the platform from November 1. “Abby Hatcher” and “Demon Slayer” will debut with their respective first seasons. While “Gentefied” begins its season 2 by November 10. So, on November 24, we will have the right to a mini-series: “Reality in the face”, another creation by Eric Newman.

The feature films program for the month of November

From the beginning of the month, Netflix is ​​honoring several films. It will be an opportunity to watch “Our Ladies”, “The legend of Zorro” or “Spookley and the Christmas kittens”. Thus, children and those who love children’s films will be delighted. This is indeed what is good with this multinational, there is something for everyone.

Moreover, the long-awaited blockbuster will be on the air on 12 november. « Red Notice » will bring together the best action film actors like Dwayne, Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. Directed by the man who created “Skyscraper”, this film features the story of a great FBI profiler and two rival criminals. An action film which promises and which already makes talk the public.

For fans of romantic comedies, « Love Hard » by Hernán Jiménez will be there. The film tells the story of an unlucky young woman from Los Angeles in love. Indeed, she falls in love with a boy from the East Coast via a dating app. It will bring together Jimmy O and Nina Dobrev. The screening of this feature film is scheduled for November 5.

Other film programs are also available. The winter catalog promises to be long and promising. Documentary films can be watched on Netflix. This is the case of “Our police history”. A documentary that will make the link between fiction and reality on corruption within the Mexican police. It will air on the same date as the film above.

Netflix: current movies and series

Until November, movies and series are currently available on Netflix. “One Block” has already been aired since last Tuesday. And for « Family business » the first episode of season 3 will be released on October 08. Dany Boon’s film titled “8 street of humanity” is not to be missed. The full film will be made available to you on October 20.

With Netflix whether you are tall or small, child, teenager or adult, you will find shoes to fit you all year round. Moreover, other films are on the programs for this month as well as the month after. What has been cited are just an example but the list is very long. What will be missing will perhaps be the time to see everything.