Netflix unveils a new global top 10, more precise on its audiences

Unlike television, where audiences are measured by the number of viewers, the figures from streaming platforms have always been difficult to calculate and then interpret. Some had found a solution by specifying the hours watched as metrics, but with rather vague equations: Netflix for example counts a view of an entire season after only two minutes of the first episode watched by a subscriber. Today, the American giant is betting above all on its very visual top 10 to attract the curious and will even make it much more efficient.

Indeed, the American giant has put online a specific site devoted to a new classification that is much more detailed and relevant. On, we thus find a weekly top 10 of original series and films in its catalog according to several characteristics. The nature of the list changes depending on the country, the language (English or not) but also the times viewed, which are much more meaningful and precise than the old model. Currently, season 3 of Narcos: Mexico, Arcane and season 3 of You are the most watched original English series in the world, while Squid Game still at the top of the foreign language series standings, after nearly nine weeks of domination. It also consolidates its status as the most watched series in the history of the platform, with 1.65 billion cumulative viewing hours.

In the site description, Netflix specifies that this top also aims to show its subscribers the most viewed films and series around the world. For example, in the week of November 8 to 14, the most popular titles in France are Dynasty, Arcane and Demon Slayer. But among our neighbors across the Channel, these are Young Sheldon and You which are a hit while Norwegian subscribers are fully on The Sinner and Maid. Soon, the platform will also add documentaries and reality TV shows to this top 10 decidedly full of information and, for once, transparency.