Netflix: went down in flames during its cinema release, this film is nevertheless a hit

Released on Netflix on Sunday May 15, this fantastic film climbs one by one the ranks of the top 10 on the streaming platform! This Wednesday, it is already number 4, while its cinema release in 2000 was marred by bad reviews.

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Sunday May 15 on Netflix was marked by a communicating vessels effect. Jawsthe classic Steven Spielberg, cleared out when another film signed by a great filmmaker appeared: Hollow man, the man without a shadow. Released in 2000 in France, the film is directed by Paul Verhoeven and carried by a cast of choice: Kevin Bacon, Elisabeth Shue and Josh Brolin. But when it was released, it did not meet with the expected success with journalists. It was even heavily criticized. The story follows a scientist, Sebastian Caine, who works for the Secret Service and develops a formula to make any object invisible. He tries it on himself, becomes invisible and, deprived of an antidote, finds himself trapped in this body… In which he ends up finding a great interest: that of liquidating his colleagues one by one (not to be reproduced at self !)

Hollow man, the man without a shadow: a film that had bad press

On the evaluation site Rotten Tomatoesthe film broke records for mediocrity. “The real invisible man here is Verhoeven, whose talent is barely visible in Hollow Man”comments a critic of the site The Movie. “The idea of ​​the Invisible Man isn’t new, but the graphic nature of this movie is certainly a sneakily curious twist to take on it,” says another reviewer. Finally, Radio Times gives a very eloquent description of it: “Challenged for much of the story, the film resorts to physical transformation in the ham laboratory, inside a kind of haunted house where the invisible psychopath traps his colleagues to get rid of them one by one…”

Return to grace for Paul Verhoeven on Netflix

On Twitter, a completely different story was heard. Because barely put online, Hollow Man by Paul Verhoeven is already number 4 of the top Netflix films. We can read for example: “[Paul] Verhoeven is a genius. Hollow man is coming to Netflix. Me, I have to put myself on his French filmo urgently! Or : And Hollow Man, I really like. In the genre, much more successful than the last Invisible Man to date (in 2019), which also repumped the Verhoeven quite a bit”. A user responds to a choice of horror film: “Ah, Hollow Man without hesitation. More gore, more vicious. Pure and good Verhoeven. At the time of its release, if the film had not been appreciated by critics, it had nevertheless brought in nearly 200 million dollars in revenue, allowing the Dutch filmmaker to recover after the failures of Showgirls and Starship Troopers.

Article written with the collaboration of 6Medias.