Netflix: what are we watching in November 2021?

Who says new month says news on Netflix. As usual, the streaming platform has just unveiled the programs that land in this month of November.

We will be able to discover the first season of Demon Slayer, season 3 of Narcos: Mexico, the integral of Jason Bourne or Aya and the Witch, the latest film from studio Ghibli. Here is what Netflix has in store for you in November …

The Netflix series of November 2021


Based on the world of video games League of Legends, series Arcane delves into the story of two sisters who fight in a war raging magical technologies and diametrically opposed perspectives. Composed of nine episodes, the series arrives from november 6e on Netflix.

Christmas Flow

Yes, Christmas programs are already starting to show up on Netflix. In Christmas Flow, a popular rapper played by Tayc and a journalist played by Shirine Boutella that everything opposes meet… And with the approach of Christmas, therefore, the magic operates. Available November 17.


The movie director Last train to Busan returns with a series this time. Creatures from another world appear overnight and condemn people to go to hell in the worst possible way. When some see it as divine justice, others are determined to discover their origin. It is available on November 19.

Cowboy Bebop

The live-action series of Cowboy Bebop take it out November 19. It is a big challenge for Netflix which attacks a monument of Japanese animation, initially released in 1998 – and also available on the streaming platform. Three special (and space) bounty hunters hunt down the solar system’s most dangerous criminals, hoping to flee their respective pasts. In any case, we will find the OST of the original anime and this is already a good point.

Other Netflix series to watch

  • Big Mouth – Season 5 (November 5)
  • Narcos: Mexico – Season 3 (November 5)
  • Riverdale – Season 6 (from November 17)

Netflix movies of the month

The Harder They Fall

This action thriller completely revisits the codes of the Wild West. Determined to take revenge, outlaw Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) is on the hunt for his nemesis Rufus Buck (Idris Elba), a cruel gang leader escaped from prison. Available November 3.

Red Notice

With a distribution of choice, Red Notice disembark the 12 november on Netflix. A risky robbery unites, in spite of himself, the best profiler of the FBI (Dwayne Johnson) and two rival thugs embodied by Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds …

The Princess of Chicago: In Search of the Star

Definitely, Netflix is ​​launching the Christmas season. Vanessa Hudgens returns to her royal role on 18 November next. After the theft of a priceless relic, Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy are forced to seek help from Fiona and her very handsome ex …

Other Netflix Movies Coming

  • We Couldn’t Become Adults (November 5)
  • Wound (November 5)
  • Chiaroscuro (November 10)
  • Tick, Tick… Boom (November 19)

Anime level on Netflix

Demon Slayer – Season 1

It was time ! Anime Demon Slayer lands on Netflix. Well, only the first season. (Re) discover the adventures of Tanjiro, Nezuko and their demon slayer friends from the November, 1st.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie

Take out the handkerchiefs, Violet Evergarden returns, more touching than ever, for the outcome of her adventures. Despite the end of the war and the technological advances that change her life, Violet still hopes to find the Major… It is available on November 19.

Other animes to see in November

  • Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part 2 (November 23)
  • Super Crooks (November 25)

Documentaries coming to Netflix

  • The kings of the scam (November 3)
  • Animal kingdom (November 10)
  • Tiger King 2 (November 17)
  • The brain at a glance – Season 2 (November 19)

New films joining the catalog

Aya and the Witch

This is the latest studio Ghibli movie and it’s coming to Netflix on November 18 next. Aya grew up in an orphanage where life is good. But one day, a strange couple comes to adopt the mischievous Aya, which does not please him. This new family has many surprises in store for her since her new parents are wizards!

    • Transformers 1, 2 & 3 (November, 1st)
    • Creed 1 & 2 (November 10)
    • Mission Impossible 4 & 5 (November 14)
    • Madagascar (November 16)
    • American Nightmare 3 : Élections (November 16)
    • The integral of Jason Bourne (November 16)

We wish you a good viewing, warm, under your blanket.