New art from Nezuko to celebrate 3 years of Demon Slayer

In very little time, Demon Slayer has established itself as one of the best shonen programs of recent years. Who could have predicted at these beginnings that the franchise would be so successful today? Time has passed so quickly that the anime is now celebrating its third anniversary.

Credits: Studio Ufotable

Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko have managed to capture the public’s attention and they haven’t even come to the end of the road yet. For this important date for the franchise, an illustration of Nezuko has been released.

The other heroine of Demon Slayer

Kamado Tanjiro is certainly the main character of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, but he is not the only one to burst the screen. Her sister Nezuko is also the center of attention. His role in the work of Koyoharu Gotouge is just as important as that of his very dear brother.

Although she has been turned into a demon, she manages to suppress her bloodlust and stays with Tanjiro. In addition, her powers are incredible and she even manages to stand up to the demonic moons of Kibutsuji Muzan. Nezuko is therefore not yet another cliché of a damsel in distress who always needs to be rescued.

In this month of April which marks the 3and anniversary of the anime series’ launch, a new illustration of Nezuko has just been released. One thing is certain, you can only recognize that this illustration is simply kawaii. Then discover below this illustration which highlights Nezuko.

Franchise news

As you can see, this illustration published by the Ufotable studio shows a very cute facet of Nezuko. But outside of Nezuko’s cute new look, the franchise still has a lot to do. It hasn’t been long since the second season of Demon Slayer came to an end.

Kamado Tanjiro and his friends keep moving forward and facing more and more powerful demons. To find a way to make Nezuko human again, Tanjiro still has countless trials to overcome. And he won’t be able to do it without getting stronger.

After his victory in extremis against the Gyutaro-Daki duo, the next opponents can only be more powerful. With sound pillar Tengen Uzui out of action, the other pillars will also have to spring into action. With a new big battle on the horizon, Season 3 is already highly anticipated.

Source : comic book