New characters, farming objects displayed for Harvestella

At TGS 2022, the Harvestelle The development team showed videos for the game’s various gameplay mechanics, as well as characters. Those who played the demo may already be familiar with some of the characters and farming features. The team will adjust the in-game time stream for the final version of the game. It will become slower than it is now for the demo.

Unlike the relaxing, slow-paced atmosphere of most farming simulators, Harvestelle will have a “cool, serious and beautiful” worldview that sets her apart. Go to Shiina (Demon Slayer, Tales of Zestiria) the music will help create that mood. However, the team assures that you can play it at your own pace. You can take your time, or you can even attempt a time attack.

Since Harvestelle takes place in a fantasy world, aspects of the farming simulator will also have unrealistic parts. For example, sprinklers look like orbs floating in the air. You can also use the power of a fairy to collect all crops in an area at once. As you play through the main story, you can meet and befriend these fairies, who will help you on your farm. There are also different “biomes” where you can grow your crops. In the creek, there was a pool-like biome where crops like watermelons grew directly out of the water.

In August 2022, during Nintendo Treehouse Live, Square Enix revealed information about the jobs. You can unlock new jobs by befriending a character with that job. Additionally, changing jobs in battle also changes your clothes and weapons. While the TGS 2022 stream didn’t reveal more about the job system outside of how certain weapons look in-game, it did show party members you can encounter and recruit. here are the Harvestelle characters appeared during the stream:

Aria (Scientist): A girl who traveled back in time due to an accident. She searches for a way to return home, while trying to solve the mystery of the Quietus, while living with the protagonist.

asylum (Militia): A boy who lives in the city of Nemea. He was raised in the city orphanage and has a simple personality.

istin (Guardian of the orphanage): She does not show her emotions, she is calm and logical. She loves to read and often reads to the children at the orphanage.

Emo (Tavern Bard): A popular bard in a port town, and she has an otherworldly aura.

Heine (Inventor): A young man who spends all day in his coastal workshop and works on inventions. He’s quick to flirt with women, but they think he’s weird, so he doesn’t succeed.

Srika (Pilgrim): A pilgrim of a religious order who worships the Seaslight. She solves cases by walking around the land.

Brakka (Mercenary): A black-clad mercenary who wields a mysterious weapon that can fire bullets. He will do any job as long as you pay him, but they say his fees are exorbitant.

Dianthus (Omen): A member of the Omen race, said to be the origin of the Quietus. The protagonist finds him in Higan Canyon and they travel together to the Fall Seaslight.

You can increase your relationship with party members, as well as village NPCs. This will unlock new dialogues and other bonuses.

Harvestelle will launch on November 4, 2022 for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.