New movies and series to watch on Netflix from October 29 to November 4

Netflix throws around a number of films and series in its catalog every week, without being noticed or the platform officially announcing it. Every weekend, Ecran Large will therefore come back to some new features added by Netflix in its catalog, films and series combined, original or not, in a non-exhaustive list.

So what are the movies and series not to miss this weekend on the streaming platform?

“I think I hear Netflix’s Toudoum”

Army of thieves

Already on Netflix – Duration: 2:09

photo, Matthias Schweighöfer, Nathalie Emmanuel

Don’t be fooled by their serious airs, they are buffoons

What does it talk about ? A mysterious woman recruits Dieter, a bank clerk, to rob three legendary safes across Europe.

Why do you have to watch it? Prequel et spin-off d’Army of the Dead, this film is a completely mindless, fast-paced action comedy with mind-numbing humor. We wonder the interest of expanding a universe of zombies with a trivial story of typical robbers Paper house.

What he doesn’t pump straight back from his predecessor, which was highly more euphoric by the sheer power of his zombie concept, he picks up from other films shamelessly (when he doesn’t just go about making explicit meta references). Army of Thieves, it is this unidentified cinematographic object, on which we want to play a game of bingo and shots for every shot, every bad joke and every exploded reference he’s going to draw at the minute.

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hake in black and white

Already on Netflix – Duration: Six episodes of about 30 minutes

Photo, Jaden Michaels, Colin Kaepernick

Colin (top) in color

What does it talk about ? Colin Kaepernick talks about his quest for excellence despite the obstacles posed by differences in color, class and culture.

Why do you have to watch it? Documentaries on athletes are Holy bread in solid 380-karat gold for streaming platforms : success stories written in advance, with archive images just waiting to be edited and commented on. In 2020, already on Netflix, The Last Dance looked back on Michael Jordan’s 1997-1998 season with the Chicago Bulls and more broadly, on the player’s career in the 1980s and 1990s. At the end of the year 2021, it’s Colin Kaepernick’s turn to be immortalized in Pollock in black and white.

Former American footballer, the latter experienced very significant media coverage in 2016, when at the start of a match, he decided to keep your knee on the ground during the national anthem in protest against racial inequalities. A gesture that earned him the support of many players, reproaches from Donald Trump and a Nike advertising campaign. Withdrawn from the field since, Kaepernick takes advantage of this documentary to address themes like discrimination, racial inequalities … through a reconstruction of his youth where Nick Offerman (Parks and recreations) and Mary Louise Parker (Weeds) play his adoptive parents and just for that, Is it worth it.

demon slayer – season 1

Available November 1st – Length: 26 episodes of approximately 23 minutes


We will refund your Netflix subscription if you don’t cry in front of episode 19

What does it talk about ? Tanjiro embarks on a perilous journey to avenge his family slaughtered by a demon and deliver his sister from an evil spell.

Why do you have to watch it? Demon Slayer has sold 150 million manga, and the spin-off film of its second arc has grossed more than $ 500 million in theaters amid a pandemic context that has yet held back films like Tenet.

The animated adaptation of Demon Slayer deserves a look as the best representative of the shonen genre of the past decade. Its soundtrack, the quality of its animation, and the subtle writing of its characters should charm those who are not angry with Japanese animation. It could also be that a greater part, if not all of the manga, is adapted in film, but also in anime, for our greatest pleasure.

the guilty

On Netflix November 1st / Release 2018 – Duration: 1h28

photo, Jakob Cedergren

What is your favorite horror movie ?”

What does it talk about ? Relegated to the emergency call center, a police officer tries to rescue an interlocutor victim of a kidnapping.

Why do you have to watch it? The camera is the subtle art of imparting movement and dynamism to a single unit of place. The Guilty, it’s the art of rivering the spectator to his seat with a seated character for almost 1h30. First feature film by Danish director Gustav Moller after a short film in 2015, The Guilty is an exercise in style as impressive as it is mastered.

Impressive because it manages to deliver a real piece of cinema by playing discreetly with the staging effects, orchestrating a silent but extremely rich dialogue between sound design and image. Controlled because Moller arranges a suspense to cut with the Excalibur until the final twist, surprising reversal and all the more chilling as it resonates with the nebulous past of our hero. Otherwise there is the American remake also on Netflix which clearly only applies to Jake Gyllenhaal.

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transformers 1, 2 and 3

On Netflix November 1 / Released 2007, 2009 and 2011 – Duration: 2h23, 2h29 and 2h34


The most majestic junk pile in the universe

What does it talk about ? A merciless war pits the Autobots against the cruel Decepticons. When this struggle spreads over our Earth, Sam Witwicky, an ordinary teenager, unwillingly becomes the hope of humanity.

Why do we have to watch them? Transformers, it’s a saga that has been unfairly categorized as a package of beaufitude, big guns, robots and explosion. Yet Michael Bay brought such sensoriality in the designs of Cybertronians, such gigantism in the way they move in the terrestrial environment and such an insane mythology that in reality it is impossible to be impervious to his style. You can come out of your session having loved it or hated it, but you can’t just not care.

Transformers, it is the very allegory of fantasy. At all levels, the story of his trilogy is an exhilarating spectacle. From the power and nobility of her robots to the most caricatured problems of the Witwicky, Bay exorcises the deformed and chaotic energy of our teenage part and gives it a much more adult form than we want to see. , between two Machiavellian pamphlets of Megatron. The die-hardness of the director is a real mark of respect for the moral contract that any author passes with his spectators.

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the harder they fall

On Netflix November 3 – Duration: 2h19


Up the guns

What does it talk about ? Determined to take revenge, the outlaw Nat Love gets on his horse with his gang to settle his score with his enemy Rufus Buck, a cruel gang leader escaped from prison.

Why do you have to watch it? Because if there is one genre that likes to change from year to year, from fashion to fashion, to always reinvent itself, it’s the western. Consubstantial in the history of cinema, and of course of American cinema, it will have accompanied the gaze of the spectators on American mythology, while forging the 7th Art across the Atlantic, generating its heroes and great figures.

So inevitably, when a director invests this form to have fun renewing it on the occasion of his first film, The Harder They Fall, we are immediately curious. Indeed, after having made the medium-length film They die by dawn with the same style, it pushes all the pop sliders to the maximum, with a certain Boaz Yakin as co-writer, who is one of the smartest and elusive creators working in Hollywood. Add to that a promising cast where nothing less than Regina King, Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors and Zazie Beetz clash, to complete this steaming picture.

Photo ZorroOnward Netflix

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