New on Netflix: 5 series added to the platform’s catalog that will appeal to binge-watchers!

The month of November announces little by little the arrival of winter. The cold already pushes some to stay locked up on weekends, well sheltered under their blankets. In these conditions, it is essential to be able to find good programs to follow in order to pass the time. Fortunately, Netflix has a catalog made up of an infinite number of interesting series. Can’t make a choice? So we offer you five series recently added to the platform catalog.

Narcos Mexico: Season 3 is already available on Netflix

You have already had the pleasure of discovering the series Narcos on Netflix ? So like the other fans of this franchise, you are probably left on your hunger after the second season. Well, now is the time to find out the rest of the story. Netflix has just added season 3 of the series to its catalog. Once again, you can let yourself be carried away by this trip to Mexico, in the aftermath of the fall of Felix gallardo. In this season you will have the opportunity to discover the new face of the Guadalajara cartel. You will be able to see how this now very fragile organization is reorganizing itself to stay on its feet. Who will be the new leaders of the cartel? The answer in season 3 on Netflix.

Arcane: A series for fans of the game League of Legends

The video game League of Legend has many followers. For this, an animated series inspired by his universe was produced. She finally arrives on Netflix, to the delight of young gamers. The first three episodes were posted online this Sunday, November 7, 2021, at 3 a.m. You can now immerse yourself in the fantastic world of this successful video game.

The Club: A Netflix Original Series Of Turkish Origin

Series The Club takes you on a tour of the side of Turkey, more precisely in Istanbul. The story takes place in the 1950s, and revolves around a Jewish ex-convict. To rebuild her life after a turbulent past, she gets hired in a nightclub. She tries somehow to get closer to her daughter whom she could not see growing up.

Demon Slayer: A Series For Manga Fans

This series is one of the biggest anime of the year. He is expected to compete with the famous One Piece. The story revolves around a young man who fights demons in order to free his possessed sister.

Catching Killers: An Exciting Documentary Series

This series takes you on a journey to discover the psychology of the greatest killers the world has known. It is a kind of documentary, recounting the testimonies of detectives and investigators who have worked with the worst criminals there is.

So which of these series are you going to watch first? Above all, do not hesitate to take your time. They have just been added to the platform’s catalog. You can therefore schedule them in order to enjoy them throughout the month of November.

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