New releases and reissues at Panini Manga –

Panini Manga recently announced the publication of several reissues as well as two new releases.

First of all, the publisher will offer from April, a spin-off of their great saga demon slayer : Demon Slayer “Gakuen!”, a gag series being published in Japan with three volumes currently released. You will find your favorite characters in a modern school.


Also in April, the publisher will publish a series in 4 volumes: Timetomb Teacher of Yanagi Takagushipresenting it as a breaking Bad feminine in the middle of the Yakuza.

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Synopsis : Azusa Tsugumo dreams of becoming a researcher, but her hopes are dashed when she discovers that her mentor has appropriated the results of her research. Annoyed, Azusa accepts a job as a high school chemistry teacher to care for her sister Ruka, her only family. The day she mysteriously disappears, Azusa sets out to find her but quickly discovers that yakuza clans are involved in her disappearance. Alone against them, Azusa can only rely on her knowledge of chemistry to get by!

Continuing in its momentum with the reissues of old Tsutomu Takahashi, Panini will still be released in April, a reissue of the one-shot alive.

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Synopsis : Two prisoners sentenced to death receive a unique proposition: their sentence will be canceled if they agree to submit to a strange experiment. They accept and find themselves in a totally hermetic room. Shortly after, a wall opens and reveals a strange and beautiful young woman. And there, everything changes. A mysterious virus will further add to the ambient malaise… An incursion into the human mind and a study of the most tortuous behaviors…

Finally, the biggest news of this wave of announcements was the new edition of March of Fuyumi Soryo scheduled for next fall. A deluxe edition planned in 8 volumes.
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Synopsis: Mars is a beautiful love story between a boy and a girl that everything opposes. Kira is a shy, introverted, very solitary young girl, taking refuge in her passion for drawing. Rei is rather rebellious, violent, flirty, very popular among his comrades. These two beings so different will be irresistibly attracted to each other. But will their relationship resist such a difference in character, the jealousy of those around them, and above all these secrets buried in the past that resurface?