New State of Play would be on the way with an unexpected announcement that would surprise users

Sony will be ready to announce a new event State of Play focused on showing news of its most important exclusive videogames and would have a unexpected surprise for users. Let’s remember that the last State of Play was held at the beginning of July and brought some news welcomed by players such as Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, the extended edition of the title of Kojima Productions, or a fresh look at titles like Deathloop O Demon Slayer. Information about the new event has been reported by James Jarvis, producer at Future Games Show.

James Jarvis indicates that rumors suggest that the next State of Play will be announced today, August 10, and that It will be broadcast on August 19. In addition, the user adds some of the news that we could see in this new event, such as the confirmed delay of Horizon: Forbidden West for PS4 and PS5 together with a new gameplay, a extended look a Kena: Bridge of Spirits, an update on the development of Gran Turismo 7 and a surprise announcement that would catch the attention of the gaming community. Jarvis clarifies that this information should be taken with a grain of salt, since it has not been confirmed by Sony itself in any way.

What can we expect from confirmed titles?

In the event that the event is finally announced and the information provided by James Jarvis is corroborated, the absence of some highly anticipated titles by the players like God of War: Ragnarok It could be a disappointment, although it can generate an interesting debate when trying to determine which would be the star video game that will close the event. Regarding the video games that will be confirmed, it should be noted that the delay of Horizon: Forbidden West does not come as a surprise and that the appearance of Gran Turismo 7 in the event it will make a lot of sense if we consider that a beta could arrive. About Kena it is likely that we will see a new advance that will serve to liven up your wait before its departure in September.