Nickel celebrates its 80,000 customers and 70 points of sale in Reunion

Seven years after the launch of its service on Reunion Island in October 2015, Nickel has passed the milestone of 80,000 account openings on the island, distributed among 70 points of sale. The rapid increase in the number of Nickel customers in Reunion, with the help of Zeop, a historical partner for the Indian Ocean region, confirms the relevance of the promise of accessibility and universality carried by Nickel by making its service accessible to all. in all French departments.

Its President, Thomas Courtois, and its Commercial Director, Laurent Guivarch, as well as Emmanuel André, the Managing Director of Zeop, will be present on site on December 8 and 9 to celebrate Nickel’s seven years of activity in Reunion.

Nickel was founded in 2014 on values ​​of utility, simplicity, universality and benevolence. Principles translated concretely by an innovation: the possibility of opening an account and obtaining a card as well as a RIB in Nickel Points, using a simple identity document. This physical presence ensures access to a current account for everyone, everywhere, regardless of everyone’s banking history, nationality (more than 190 passports accepted) or level of mastery of digital tools.

This promise of equality involves opening Nickel Points widely across the territory so that everyone can benefit from them, without geographic discrimination. A commitment kept by Nickel, which has a strong territorial presence with nearly 7,000 points of sale throughout France, making it the second largest current account distribution network in the country. With this tight territorial network, Nickel provides users with the ability to manage their money easily and quickly from a Nickel point.

The result of these seven years of activity in Reunion is a real success, with 80,000 customers on the island, as well as a largely expanded distribution network with 70 points of sale. This success also echoes the dynamism of Nickel in Mayotte, where Nickel will celebrate during the same period the milestone of 20,000 customers, distributed among 30 points of sale!
These figures confirm the relevance of Nickel’s strategy, which consists of continuing to open points of sale in overseas departments, capitalizing on the value of proximity and a relationship of trust between the company and its partners. This growth in Reunion reinforces Nickel’s overall dynamic, which has a total of 2.9 million customers in France and Europe.

In the Indian Ocean Departments, Nickel is established by Zeop, its historical partner since 2015. The very high-speed Internet operator from Reunion, very involved in its territory, was able to offer Nickel’s services in a targeted manner to the local population, in particular by allowing them to establish themselves within a network of local shops in Reunion and Mayotte.

This strong dynamism is explained in particular by the adaptability of the Nickel model, which is suitable for all audiences, and promotes inclusion by allowing everyone, regardless of income or nationality, to benefit from a current account. The latter is often the key to finding housing and stable employment, and therefore to integrating into society. Through this successful implementation, Nickel once again demonstrates the relevance of its simple, clear and effective model in favor of financial inclusion.

Thomas Courtois, President of Nickel: “Nickel carries values ​​of inclusion and universality in all of its activities. It was therefore essential for us to be distributed throughout France, in order to allow everyone to benefit from a current account in 5 minutes in their local business. We are delighted to return to Reunion to celebrate this first promising year of activity, and we are delighted with the ongoing dynamic of account openings, synonymous with increasing financial inclusion. »