On Prime Video from November 25 to December 1: a timeless love story with Pete Davidson, a mind-blowing biopic

Once again, Prime Video is enriching its catalog with new releases: the romantic comedy Meet Cute, the wild life of Elton John in Rocketman, the adventures of Tanjiro in the new season of Demon Slayer… There’s something for everyone!

The arrival of December is synonymous with cold, colds and Christmas TV movies rebroadcast for the twentieth time. Fortunately, Prime Video offers you to brighten up your dark and humid weekend with the sparkling Meet Cute, available from November 25!

As the end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching, Prime Video offers you a delicious moment whose recipe will never go out of fashion: a charming couple, a scent of love and a beautiful evening, made up of night walks, ice creams and of New York lights.

The pinch of salt that will make everything skid? Sheila’s (Kaley Cuoco) discovery of a time machine in a nail salon. His goal ? Trying his luck with Gary (Pete Davidson) again, avoiding the mistakes made on their first date.

The release of this deliciously spicy comedy, mixing romance and science fiction, is the perfect opportunity to rediscover the classics of the genre on the platform.

The Prime Video catalog has as many classics as singer Elton John’s discography. As he concluded his farewell tour in the United States on November 20, Rocketman joined Steve Jobs, Spencer and Django in the long list of biopics available. The perfect opportunity to discover the origins of the artist!

Available November 29, Rocketman takes its title from one of Elton John’s most famous songs. From the early years of the shy pianist to his international consecration, Dexter Fletcher’s feature film (Bohemian Rhapsody) is worn by a cast as brilliant as the star’s rhinestone jackets: Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard, Stephen Graham… Take out your best glasses, turn up the volume and fasten your seatbelts: the rocket is about to take off!

Some don’t like Christmas, romantic comedies, rhinestones and glitter… If we remember that the Grinch is still available on Prime Video for the grumpy ones, a little demon hunting should delight fans of action and hemoglobin: you guessed it, Demon Slayer is coming to Prime Video!

Three years after the first season, Tanjiro returns to cleanse the world of new damned souls. But his victory against Rui, the fifth lower moon, was far from marking the end of his quest: he still had to free his sister, Nezuko, from the curse that gnawed at her.

His new adventures could well be the opportunity to learn more about his lifelong enemies, since they take him to the pleasure district, where demons seem to hide. After several women go missing, sound mainstay Tengen Uzui enlists the help of Tanjiro and his friends to unravel the mystery.

Ideal to prepare you for the release of season 3 next year, which will focus on the arc of the village of the blacksmiths, this 2nd season promises to be even richer in revelations, deadly fights and sequences of polished animations. And since it’s never too late for a little catch-up session, the first season is still available on the platform!

These programs are all available on Prime Video.

Friday November 25

Meet Cute

Monday, November 28

Demon Slayer, season 2

Tuesday, November 29