On the hunt for the phenomenon called Demon Slayer

Tanjirou Kamado He is a gentle 13-year-old boy who, after the death of his father, becomes the only breadwinner in his family. Every day he comes down from the snowy mountain and sells coal, and although he barely has enough to eat, he is happy with his mother and his five brothers.

One day he sees a terrifying scene: Muzan Kibbutsuji he had his family murdered, tore their bodies apart, and turned his sister nezuko in demon. To get revenge he becomes a demon slayer.

This is how the story of the manga begins demon slayerwritten and illustrated by Japanese Koyoharu Gotōgeand first published on February 15, 2016, which has caused a worldwide sensation and has topped all popularity charts.

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Part of this success is due to the fact that it is a story aimed at all kinds of audiences, comments Lalo Gonzalezspecialist in anime and cartoons, because many focus only on certain genres.

“It is an anime that attracts everyone and that is a virtue that not all manga have, it is a story that is very new for all the success it has had worldwide, but it is thanks to the fact that it attracts a very diverse audience, there are kids who want to buy the capes of the protagonists, there is already a souvenir market for all tastes, it is impressive”, says González.

On the other hand, the stories of each character are so well written that, regardless of whether they are the “good” ones or the “bad ones”, they catch you and make you feel empathy, because they are stories that happen in real life, explains the specialist in manga and anime yarely hernandez.

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“For example with Tanjirō, as he is the older man, he assumes the role of breadwinner for his family and that continues to happen in real life; here, in a fictional way, it shows you how the demons used to be people but they went the wrong way, they are choices that anyone can face, you can transform yourself into a ‘demon’, figuratively speaking”, says the expert.

In addition, like many other animes, the protection of the family is also the central axis of this story, Hernández deepens, because after losing his family, the protagonist tries to do the impossible to turn his sister Nezuko back into a human and the Defend against demon hunters.

“This story also tries to leave a message about the importance of family values, the trigger for the story is that the protagonist has lost his family, but even so he still has his little sister and the friends he is making begin to be his new family; in Japan the concept of friendship is very important and they always emphasize these values”, he points out.

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With more than 150 million copies of manga sold, anime has caused a global rage; the film Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen, which was released in 2020 became one of the highest grossing anime films in the world, grossing more than 500 million dollars at the box office in the time of the pandemic.

The series, which arrived in Mexico for NetflixIt is in its third season.

The animation production also stands out, which is impressive, says Lalo, it has many visual details that stand out.

“In the first chapter, with the snow, the blood, an artistic scene is achieved, well cared for. You can see the difference with what was done in the 80s with Dragon Ball, Los Knights of the Zodiacto name a few”.

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The music that accompanies the anime has also enthralled millions; the opening theme of each chapter, “Gurenge”, is performed by one of the most famous singers in JapanLiSA, while the closing one is “From the edge” performed by the group FictionJunction together with LiSA.




So far, it carries the Kimetzu no Yaiba series, which began in 2019 and will have another installment.