One Piece against Naruto: the best anime has been elected by the fans, the debate over?

news culture One Piece against Naruto: the best anime has been elected by the fans, the debate over?

Dragon Ball is the best anime of all time. Or Demon Slayer. Or Naruto. Or One Piece. An eternal debate since the publication of the big 3 (Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto) which has no real end but to which we persist in trying to find an answer.


  • The eternal debate
  • Naruto VS One Piece: The Legends Finale

The eternal debate

Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, Nadal, Federer or Djokovic… These endless debates, where fans of one or the other are torn apart, also exist in the world of manga and anime. Who hasn’t already quarreled with their best friend about who was stronger between Goku and Vegeta? Often fiery deliberations in which people like to take part under their sometimes poisonous statements. Witness the recent initiative of Sofyan, Youtuber with 1.9 million subscribers specializing in the creation of videos around cinema and pop culture.

In 2018, he then organized a tournament with the aim of electing the best anime (Japanese cartoon) in history. 32 of them are in contention in knockout stages where only the one who receives the most votes advances to the next stage. This is One Piece who won in the final against Death Note. A second edition of this same tournament is organized four years later for a different result: this time, it is Naruto who wins against Demon Slayer.

Naruto VS One Piece: The Legends Finale

But to continue to make the flame of the debate dance, Sofyan decided last week to organize a new final. A final of legends, which opposes the winners of two previous tournaments: which is the best anime between One Piece and Naruto?

The voters on Twitter therefore decided: One Piece wins quite widely with 57.5% of the vote ‘. Of course, this is “only” 303,969 voters and it does not represent the supreme judgment. Especially since certain statistical measures play in favor of one and the other. For instance, One Piece enjoys exceptional longevity (although the final saga is approaching) with more than 1000 episodes broadcast. For his part, if Boruto slightly extends its life expectancy, Naruto continues to sell very well in France: in 2021, it is the best-selling manga (274,000 sales for volume 1, 230,000 for volume 2) ahead of Demon Slayer (254,000) and One Piece (220,000)

However, it is only a question of statistical measurements, which are incomplete. How to measure the influence of such works, which have become true references and symbols in France? Talking about the records of One Piece inevitably leads to putting naruto Where dragonball on the mat, and vice versa. In any case, this tournament organized by Sofyan does not end this eternal debate. These conflicts where no one is right or wrong will continue to exist until the end of humanity. Everything is a question of sensitivity, experience, or experience. Therefore, it is more than normal to appreciate one work more than another under certain circumstances. The best anime is only yours. And then that’s all.