One Piece: Finally a game worthy of the cult manga?

Next July 22 will sign the 25 years of young Luffy’s adventures to the Straw Hat and his crew and we know it well enough, but the 25 years for a license is a special anniversary especially in Japan as it had been the case with Pokémon. Crossing seas and lands, he will one day find the One Piece, but in the meantime, illustrations and announcements await us.

A new game for the license but not on mobile!

Maybe some were expecting it, but One Piece will have the right to a new game published by Bandai Namco and developed by ILCA. It will bean RPG with an original story whose characters and monsters were designed by Eiichiro Oda himself. From the little that we can see in the video of the reveal, the game will propose to move in environments where we can climb in certain places, use the elastic side of Luffy to reach platforms in particular by using his arms. However, we don’t see the combat system in this trailer but will it be a turn-based RPG or an Action-RPG?

For the moment, we don’t have any more information apart from the trailer and the producer’s interview, which you can find below. RPGs based on manga, there have already been some in the past like the Fairy Tail of Koei Tecmo and Gust and which has not been unanimous. Will it also be the case for this One Piece game? Of course, the publisher and the developers are not the same, but let’s wait to see more to have an opinion with a little hindsight. So we hope the game will live up to the fans and will offer an experience that will please them and whose gameplay will suit them as desired by the team behind this title. A final clarification, ILCA is the studio to which we owe the remakes of the fourth generation of Pokémon or Project Tokyo Dolls.

Let’s go back to the project which is presented and which bears the name of One Piece Odyssey. The latter is planned for 2022 and will be available on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. For the moment, there is very little chance of seeing it arrive on Switch, but why not later as is the case for certain Bandai Namco games including the Demon Slayer game which is due to arrive.

25 years, is it worth celebrating?

Finally, let’s go back to the other announcements that have taken place sincea film will be released on August 6 and the latter unveils a new visual, but that’s not all since on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, a card game is also coming and we have some visuals of the cards and it’s sending!


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One Piece Finally a game worthy of the cult manga

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