One Piece, Naruto, Bleach: 20 years after its start, the Big 3 anime battle will finally resume

In just a few decades, manga, and more recently their anime adaptations, have managed to become firmly anchored in popular culture. Now, there are more consumers than ever, at a time when streaming platforms are even fighting to try to obtain the rights to broadcast them. A wind of change for this sector came from Japan, whose famous battle of the Big 3 will finally resume.

the big 3 finally reunited

Well known to manga lovers, the Big 3 refers to the three most popular manga of the mid-2000s, namely One Piece, naruto and Bleach. Three manga debuted at the end of the previous millennium or the beginning of the new, which quickly pulled the plug to try to know who was the most popular. A battle at the top for these three titans which will have known several major events. End of Bleach in 2016, then naruto the following year alone One Piece still holds the helm.

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A war that seemed to be over, however, it was without counting on the anime adaptation of his works. Whereas naruto can count on the adaptation of Boruto: Naruto Next Generationsmanga published in 2016, to expand the universe imagined by Masashi Kishimoto, Bleach will, from this Monday, October 10, be back on the front of the stage with The Bloody Thousand Year Warhis final story arc. For the first time in a long time, the Big 3 of the Weekly Shōnen Jump therefore resumes its iconic battle.

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A reunited Big 3, enough to give a nostalgic feeling to aficionados of these cult works. While viewers of One Piece are united in front of the 3rd part of the saga of Wa countrythose from Boruto discovered this Sunday, October 9 the 270th episode of the anime. The plot around Kawaki tightens, it remains to be seen what Kishimoto has in mind. As for Bleach, The Bloody Thousand Year War will mark the pure and hard end of the anime. Towards a possible continuation of this work by Tite Kubo? Nothing is less sure. Nevertheless, the mangaka is open to possibilities.

One Piece Naruto Bleach 20 years after its start the

A Big 3 which has not only made people happy, many having wished to see it updated according to current standards. Although absent from this listing, many works have marked the world of manga and anime. dragonballindisputable legend of the environment, is accompanied by Full Metal Alchemist, Hunter × Hunter, The attack of the Titans, Death Noteand more recently My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen. The world of shonen still has a bright future ahead of it, with ever brighter pages and ever more elaborate anime. Animation standards are no longer the same as in the golden age of the Big 3, a quality of animation that will have won over many new fans.

It’s nice to see the Big 3 come together again to thrill their fans, new and old alike. A moment full of nostalgia that will not fail to mark the spirits of lovers of the genre. As for you, What’s your favorite Big 3 manga? Your favorite anime? Why these choices? Do not hesitate to share your choices and arguments with us directly in the comment section just below.