Otaku Day: Motivational phrases from anime and video games

If you have someone among your friends or social circle who loves anime, likes video games or cosplay, congratulate them because this December 15th is celebrated on otaku day.

With the aim of getting a smile out of that person who is submerged In comics, TV series and dramas originating in Japan and South Korea or consuming Asian products, here are some anime and video game phrases.

When and why is Otaku Day celebrated?

It should be noted that although Otaku Day is celebrated every December 15, this date is not official. However, manga and anime fans are often honored for their dedication and passion for primarily Japanese culture.

If your friend is a true otaku, you can make them smile just by saying these phrases that are part of an anime or video game. And it must be said that most of the Asian content addresses motivational and deep topics such as the fight for dreams, love, sadness, courage and even death.

Motivating anime phrases

1.-It is not the face that makes someone a monster, it is the decisions that one makes in his life. (Naruto Uzumaki in Naruto Shippuden)
2.- Those who break the rules are considered trash, but those who abandon their friends are much worse than trash. (Obito, Naruto Shippuden)
3.- When people face a situation that they do not understand, it is easy for fear to take over. (Armin Arlert, Attack On Titan)

4.- If there is one thing that should be left to men when they have lost everything, it is hope. (Seiya from The Knights of the Zodiac)
5.- If you can only do one thing, work it to perfection. Perfect it to the maximum limit. (Sensei Jigoro from Demon Slayer, Kimetsu no Yaiba)
6.-The bigger your goal, the greater the taste of victory (God of War)
7.-Freedom is the right of all living beings (Optimus Prime)

Phrases to make an otaku fall in love

– For you I would die more times than Krillin died
-You are not a pokemon, but I choose you
-My love for you exceeds 9000

-You my goddess Athena make my life full

So now you know, brighten the day of your friend who loves Japanese culture on this Otaku Day with these famous phrases from iconic characters.

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