Panini announces City Hunter and Perfect Planets, Yasha, Artbook Demon Slayer, Deadpool Samurai…

This week-end, Panini unsheathed the heavy artillery with more or less expected announcement mout. We start with the department of reissues with two essentials: CityHunter and planets. The first, flagship manga of Tsukasa Hojo. “We are knitting you a new edition in 16 volumes + a 17th (with XYZ) with a revised translation. » More information to come.

The 2nd, masterpiece of Makoto Yukimura (read his portrait) returns in an edition divided into three volumes. It “will benefit from new scans and a rich editorial apparatus written by CNES experts, from a volume 1 in ed. limited edition with an exclusive cover designed by….” Mystery! Good news and an alternative to the generous pavement that had served as a reissue until then.

demon slayer, the publisher’s new goose, is not to be outdone with a large format artbook coming in July as well as “something special” for the last volume of the series. Three fanbbooks and coloring books are also expected, including the first in March.

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Reissue again and again with two excellent titles by magician Tsutomu Takahashi. While the unpublished volumes (with us) of Sidooh arrive, the thriller at sea Blue Heaven (2002) and the fantastic Soul Keeper (Hito Hitori Futari, 2011) will also benefit from a second youth. Soul Keeper, published in the Young Jumptells the story of a ghost who decides to accompany the Prime Minister of Japan, but the latter has only 500 days to live!



On the novelty side, there are also some very good things to start with yashaseries of the great Akemi Yoshida. This shoujo launched in 1996 at Shogakukan should return in its last formula in 6 volumes, still in the Perfect range. This story features two twin brothers with extrasensory abilities who lured a dangerous organization.

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In a less SF, more sassy register, it’s a title Marvel x Shueisha who will disembark with Deadpool Samurai. The title features the famous and talkative Deadpool, in an ever crazier (and less violent) version that leads him to come across characters from Shueisha such as All Might. References galore in sight, and it’s signed Sanshiro Kasama and Hikaru Uesugi (design, see his Twitter account). Launched in 2020, the title has 2 volumes (completed series).

1646396978 599 Panini announces City Hunter and Perfect Planets Yasha Artbook Demon

Finally, two small curiosities conclude these announcements: we will be entitled to From the Red Fog, a series signed by talented Mosae Nohara (BEM). A “ victorian series » arrived at Square Enix in 2020 and which continues its path with 4 volumes published to date. The other curiosity is Somnia, an original Panini creation! A title of Liza E.Anzen illustrated by Federica DiMeo (which we will soon see at Kana with Oneira), launched in 2018 in Italy.


Somnia - Artefici di sogni, Vol. 2 di 2 by Liza E. Anzen

A rich program therefore, and we hope, one day, that Princess Kaguya but also Rainman also have the right to a second chance!

Source: Panini