Personality test: what power would you have had in a shonen?

Perhaps you want, at the end of the month, to relax by taking a short personality test which transposes you into a world that is not yours. We prepared several questions intended to know you better, in order to know what power would have been attributed to you, according to your personality, within a shonen.

The shonen of the moment

The shonen are everywhere right now, and their anime adaptations, too. Whether you are a fan of One Pieceof Jujutsu Kaisenof One-Punch Manof SNK or even of demon slayeryou are certainly waiting to be able, soon, to discover the next episodes of your favorite shonenwith a new season to come, or even a movie, as you might expect, to conclude The attack of the Titans (film or future production to come which will probably be announced after the episode of April 3).

Personality test what power would you have had in a

What about thought shonen that already have an end ? It is sometimes difficult to dive back into the works that we have particularly appreciated in the past. We offer you today, however, a small jump in time, since you may well come across a power that only exists in the universe of naruto for example, orAssassination Classroom. Many possibilities exist, but the power

Our new personality test

Without further ado, here is our brand new personality testwhich aims to reveal to you what power would have been in your possession if you had been the character of a shonen. Answer the questions honestlywe’re watching you!

So what result did you get? Was it the one expected? Do not hesitate to give us feedback via our comments section! And if you are a fan of shonen, know that a Japanese amusement park now offers attractions Hunter x Hunter and The attack of the Titansamong others, just to discover here.