‘Platinum End’: The new anime from the creators of ‘Death Note’ that explores angels and suicides

If you saw ‘Death Note’, you know that Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata don’t beat around the bush when it comes to creating a shonen, that’s why we suggest you give their new creation, ‘Platinum End’ a chance, check what it’s all about and the similarities with its predecessor.

If you are one of those eager for the premiere of season two of Demon Slayer and the outcome of the fourth and last of Attack on Titan, Platinum End is definitely the anime that will cure your wait And the best thing is that you can already see the first six of 24 episodes on the Crunchyroll platform. It is the adaptation of the manga by the creators of Death Note, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the perfect balm to forget the horrifying live-action of their magna produced by Netflix.

Mirai lost her parents in an accident and had to grow up in the home of her uncles, where she totally lost her dignity: they beat him, humiliated him and gave him a treatment that is not desired even to the worst enemy. In adolescence the trauma was so strong that he decided to climb a skyscraper and commit suicide. In fact, the first episode begins with the recommendation to seek a helpline and a specialist in case you want to take this deadly path.

However, Mirai is rescued before making a mess with her body on the sidewalk by the angel Nasse, one of the 13 divine creatures tasked with finding the new God in a time limit of 999 days, a position that can only be filled by those people with no desire to continue with their miserable lives, as is the case of our protagonist and his greatest enemy Metropoliman, a teenager clad in a superhero costume with the ambition to become the almighty.

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Japan is one of the countries with the highest suicide rate. According to the specialized site Statista, from 2011 to 2020 an average of 22,136 suicides per year, a number that increased in the last year due to the mental collaterals of the covid-19 pandemic, especially in female personnel dedicated to the health sector, such as doctors, nurses and orderlies overwhelmed by stress. What’s more, unemployment, economic crises and labor exploitation they are the three main causes of suicides in men.


Angels replace shinigami

Among Death Note and Platinum End there are many similarities: by writing down the name in a notebook, a sentence is pronounced, in the other, death comes by choice; shinigami and angels are creatures that bring human beings to the end of their physical stay and, on the other hand, give hope, good or bad, to prevail afloat; and finally, Light Yagami and Mirai are a pair of teenagers dissatisfied with their daily lives, one ambitious and privileged, the other unhappy, but in the end they are both tempted by the fate of becoming a supreme being.

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Explore the topic of suicide

Platinum End it is neither more nor less warm than Death Note, violence is still present to honor the good shonen. Mirai’s revenge on her uncles is satisfying. It can be repeated a couple of times for the pleasure of seeing how the couple of relatives receive what they deserve, it is visceral and gore. In the fourth chapter, Metropoliman does not tempt his heart with a girl and the murderer in order to eliminate each one of the contenders who, like him, want to be God.

1636831101 942 Platinum End The new anime from the creators of Death

The violence is still explicit

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata invited the girls from Band-Maid to sing “Sense” for him opening of his new production, a rock song that may not be as heavy as the Maximum the Hormone songs were, but strawberry has nothing. Yuu Miyashita takes care of the ending con “Kofukuron”, a song not as fabulous as the introductory one. Anyway, we have given you good reasons to get into this anime and look forward to the exciting end of the year with Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan and the apparent announcement of the release date of Chainsaw Man.