PlayStation: Attacked for its monopoly

Game News PlayStation: Attacked for its monopoly

On the program of the Daily of August 24, we offer you a big recap of the Opening Night Live of gamescom, PlayStation unveils its own pro controller for its PS5 and One Piece Red and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero are real BANGER at the box office. The daily, here we go!

Gamescom opening night live

Yesterday was Gamescom 2022, the video game fair that takes place every year in Germany. In the company of Geoff Keighley, the conference will have lasted 2 hours presenting about thirty games. The show opened with the announcement of Dune: Awakening, a survival MMO, and will continue with other announcements. In the spotlight, Hogwarts Legacy, one of the most anticipated games of 2023, which offers a new trailer highlighting the dark magic and dark places of Hogwarts. The digital deluxe edition was also unveiled and a pretty solid Sonic Frontier trailer on November 8th. Also announced were Lies of P, a soul like Pinocchio story, Where Winds Meet, an open-world RPG set in China. And finally, we find Dead Island 2, which will be released on February 3 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Goat Simulator 3, Moon Breaker, Genshin Impact, The Callisto Protocol and Kojima’s announcement are also part of the event.

A pro controller and an attack

During Opening Night Live, Playstation presented its own pro controller: The DualSense Edge. It’s the very first customizable PlayStation controller by Sony, which alone has several configs for competitive gamers who want to have full control over customization. Every good side has a limit, the company is the subject of a class action in the UK brought by Alex Neill. According to her, the manufacturer has scammed millions of consumers by abusing their dominant position since 2016, by applying strict rules to publishers and developers. By setting the prices themselves and taking a bigger commission. Suddenly, it is the consumers who pay the price, and that would amount to almost 5.9 billion dollars on all players.

The One Piece and Dragon Ball Super films are real BOXES!

The releases of Japanese animated films are often big hits and One Piece Red is no exception to the rule. On August 22, the film exceeded 575,000 admissions in France, exploding admissions for the Demon Slayer film and Jujutsu Kaisen. In Japan, the film brought in 67 million euros in 16 days of exploitation. Next to that, we find another film that has exploded at the box office, it’s Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which has not yet been released in France. Leading in the United States, it has already brought in $21 million in its first week of launch.