PlayStation Plus: December games on the run, including a headline from the PS5 line-up

Game news PlayStation Plus: December games on the run, including a headline from the PS5 line-up

As has been the tradition for several months now, the site of promotions and good deals Dealabs is cutting the grass under Sony’s feet by unveiling some of the PlayStation Plus games. We will not complain.

Very often, the games “offered” to all PlayStation Plus subscribers are revealed before their time, the fault of various and varied leaks: the month of december 2021 was not going to be an exception to the rule and here is a well-informed internet user broadcasts via Dealabs the list of titles concerned. Note that, to add credibility, he operated in exactly the same way the previous months and his predictions have all come true.

Godfall, Mortal Shell and LEGO DC Super Villains for December at PS Plus?

Thus, our leaker delivers a list (a priori not exhaustive) of games “offered” for the month of December 2021:

  • Godfall (PS5/PS4) : Present in the line-up of the PlayStation 5 a year ago, this console exclusive made a lot of noise by establishing itself as the very first PS5 game announced in history (despite a release on PC and, later, on PS4 ). It is a slasher-looter against a background of mythology, with beautiful plastic and strong sensations, not without flaws. This would be the “Challenger Edition”, a version with still undisclosed content.
  • Mortal Shell (PS4) : a demanding, dark and gloomy Souls-like released in 2020 and whose reception is frankly positive. In our columns, he received the hot mark of 15/20.
  • LEGO DC Super-Villains : a good-natured action-adventure game, released in 2018 and allowing us to play the greatest villains of the DC Comics universe, from the Joker to Harly Quinn, including Poison Ivy, Deashot or Reverse Flash.

If it is specified that the list is not complete, this is good because it lacks the PlayStation VR games, newcomers recently in the selection of PlayStation Plus. In addition, strong rumors of the integration of Heavenly Bodies, maybe another surprise will be added to the list …

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