Prime Video: films and series not to be missed in November 2021

News culture Prime Video: films and series not to be missed in November 2021


Accessible from an Amazon Prime subscription, the Amazon Prime Video SVOD platform enriches its catalog with new content every month. After Madres, Snowpiercer or even Rec, it’s time for new series and new films.

Bohemian Rhapsody – 1er novembre

Biographical film directed by Bryan Singer, Bohemian Rhapsody follows in the footsteps of Freddy Mercury, the iconic singer of the rock group Queen, from the band’s formation in the 1970s to the legendary Live Aid concert in 1985 at Wembley. In the feature film, which takes some nice liberties with the life of the British singer and whose critical reception has been quite mixed, it is Rami Malek (Mister Robot, No Time to Die, Until Dawn) who plays Mercury, with success. He is accompanied by Lucy Boynton (Mary Austin), Gwilym Lee (Brian May), Ben Hardy (Roger Taylor), or Joe Mazzielo (John Deacon). The film, released in 2018, was a huge success, grossing $ 903 million at the Global Box Office, and won four Oscars out of five nominations: Best Actor for Rami Malek, Best Editing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Mix for his. The film is therefore worth the detour, if only to hear again some of the greatest titles of the group.

Demon Slayer S1 – 1er novembre

Prime Video: films and series not to be missed in November 2021

The first season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the hugely popular anime recently adapted into a video game starring Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles, arrives on Amazon Prime Video after first airing between April and September 2019 in Japan. The story follows Tanjirō Kamado, the eldest of a large family whom he finds massacred when he left to sell coal. However, in the midst of this excruciating scene, he reunites with his little sister Nezuko, who is still breathing despite her injuries. He then proceeds to a quick funeral and flees with Nezuko who, unfortunately, has been transformed into a demon. Then begins a long journey with a simple objective: to heal Nezuko, then to start anew.

Pacific Rim – November 8

Prime Video: films and series not to be missed in November 2021

Released in 2013 and directed by Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim is a sci-fi film in which certain humans pilot large mechas in order to fight against the Kaijus, gigantic creatures (including for example Godzilla in another universe), threatening humanity. These giant robots, the Jaeger, need two pilots linked by a neural connection, and are in principle extremely powerful. However, after resisting for many years, the Jaegers begin to suffer setbacks, and defeat looms. The program is then abandoned, but two pilots will face it. They are Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam), a retiree traumatized by the loss of his brother during a fight, and Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), a young recruit who has never been deployed. Together, they will have to put their past aside, and allow the human armed forces to regain the upper hand. Rather well received, Pacific Rim generated $ 411 million at the Global Box Office, for a 72% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This allowed the construction of a sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, released in 2018.

The Dark Knight – 15 novembre

Prime Video: films and series not to be missed in November 2021

The second installment in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy dedicated to Batman, The Dark Night puts the Dark Knight, played by Christian Bale, in battle before his greatest enemy, the Joker. The latter is masterfully interpreted by the late Heath Ledger, who died on January 22, 2008 before the film’s release as a result of intoxication linked to the simultaneous intake of several treatments. But his performance still earned him a posthumous Oscar, given to his relatives. No one knows where the Joker came from and this worries Commissioner Gordon as well as Harvey Dent, Gotham’s new prosecutor, as the criminal appears to have great firepower, and his psychological profile makes him unpredictable. Very well received by critics and the public, The Dark Knight has spent the billion dollars generated in the world. The conclusion of this trilogy, The Dark Kngiht Rises, was released in 2012. The next adaptation, The Batman, is due out on March 4, 2022 with Robert Pattinson in the lead role /

The Revenant – November 15

Prime Video: films and series not to be missed in November 2021

Partly adapted from the novel by Michael Punke, himself inspired by a true story, The Revenant tells the story of Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), a trapper attacked with his group by native Americans, then by a grizzly bear and seriously injured. Abandoned and betrayed by companions, his life hangs by a thread. Determined to see his wife again, he begins a long journey of more than 300 km to find them, but also to find the traitors. But the environment, cold and hostile, will not make it easy for him. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, the film received excellent critical reception, extolling the realism of the shots, the transcription of the animality of humans, and the performance of DiCaprio. The latter is also accompanied by Tom Hardy (John Fitzgerald), Domhnall Gleeson (Andrew Henry), Will Poulter (Jim Bridger) or Lukas Haas (Jones). After having generated nearly 533 million dollars in the world, the film is rewarded with three Oscars (best director, best actor, and best photograph.

The Wheel of Time – November 19

Prime Video: films and series not to be missed in November 2021

The new Amazon Prime exclusive has big, big ambitions. According to the production, the goal of The Wheel of Time, adapted from Robert Jordan’s best-selling fantasy novels, is simple: to make Game of Thrones, the HBO series, out of date. The first season will have 8 episodes, but know that a second season is already planned. The broadcast will begin with the release of three episodes, after which we will have one episode every Friday until Christmas Eve.

In a sprawling world where magic exists, and where only certain women are able to practice it, the story follows Moiraine, a member of a very powerful all-female organization called Aes Sedai, as she arrives in the small village of Deux-Rivières. This marks the start of a perilous journey through the world in the company of five young men and women among whom could be the Rising Dragon, who will save or destroy humanity.

On the casting side, we will find Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl), Madeleine Madden (Dora and the Lost City), Sophie Okonedo (Criminal), or even Alvaro Morte (La Casa de Papel). With the story unfolding over thousands of years, the narrative potential is enormous, but the audience will have to respond present.

Other Amazon Prime Video releases for November

  • How far is it – November 1
  • Annie – November 1
  • Integral emergency – November 1
  • Chuck the Complete – November 1
  • Interstellar – 2 novembre
  • The Goonies – November 2
  • FC Bayen : Behind the Legend – 2 novembre
  • The Florida Project – 2 novembre
  • American Sniper – 3 novembre
  • Pete the Cat S2 – 5 novembre
  • Celebrity Hunted Partie 2 – 5 novembre
  • Very Bad Trip 3 – 8 novembre
  • Kursk – 8 November
  • Magic Mike XXL – 9 novembre
  • Hidden Beauty – November 9
  • Mad Max : Fury Road – 10 novembre
  • Flashback – November 11th
  • Always Jane – 12 novembre
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – November 15
  • The Dark Knight Rises – 15 novembre
  • The Ideal – November 15
  • San Andreas – 16 novembre
  • Jupiter: The Fate of the Universe – November 17
  • Overlord – November 22
  • Spotlight – November 23
  • Very Special Agents: UNCIE Code – November 23
  • Hanna S3 – November 24th
  • Do, Re, Mi Special Christmas Episode – November 24
  • Gaspard Proust Tapine – 26 November
  • My In-Law, Christmas and Me – November 29