Project Slayers – How to Become a Demon

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Roblox Project Slayers is an action role-playing game inspired by the famous anime Demon Slayer. What’s interesting about this lively brawl is that you can become a demon! To do this, you will need to perform several tasks. Here’s what you need to do to play as a demon in Project Slayers.

How to become a demon in the Project Slayers guide

There are many clans in Project Slayers, but only four races (so far): Humans, Hybrids, Slayers, and Demons. The latter is the most popular choice, as it brings huge special powers. But the path to becoming a dangerous demon fighter is not easy, but it’s a lot of fun!

1. Reach level 15 in Project Slayers

The fastest way to level up quickly in Project Slayers is to solve quests and fight mini-bosses repeatedly for experience and valuable items, like Bandit Zoku, who roams past the village of Kiribating at first. Zoku will respawn after you kill him, so he’s a good target for experience farming. After reaching level 15, you will be on your way to becoming a demon.

2. Find Muzan to become a demon in Project Slayers

Your next mission is to find a particular non-player character called Muzan. Locating it can be tricky as it will only appear on a map in random places at night. When you see him, he will give you a quest to find and bring Doctor Higoshima to him. On top of that, Muzan will ask you to find five Blue Spider Flower Lillies.

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3. Blue Spider Flower Lilies locations in Project Slayers

Blue Spider Flower Lillie has no fixed location, as they appear randomly on the map. So to find them, you’ll need to comb through the map until you collect five. If you are lucky, you will have time to find Doctor Higoshima and bring him to Muzan.

4. Location of Doctor Higoshima in Project Slayers

Luckily, Doctor Higoshima doesn’t like to roam the countryside, so you’ll find him in the house behind that good-for-nothing Bandit Zoku. Take him to Muzan to complete the quest and receive Muzan’s Blood. Now you just need to drink blood to become a demon.

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