Promotion on a selection of Funko Pop at Fnac!

News good deal Promotion on a selection of Funko Pop at Fnac!

They have become one of the most popular derivative products and no license escapes it, we no longer present the Funko Pop figurines. These disproportionate figurines with a large head and a small body. If you want to expand your collection or start it, now is the time because they are on sale!

Whether you’re a fan of Pokémon, the DC Comics universe or 80s rock, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for among this selection of 289 figurines currently on sale at Fnac. With an offer of one figurine free for two purchased, it’s time to take advantage.

Buy Funko Pop in 2+1 promotion offered at Fnac

This offer is valid not only on classic figurines, sold at a price of € 15.99, among which we find Mewtwo, Harry Potter and Freddie Mercury. But also on “special scene” or “duo” figurines such as Harry Potter VS Voldemort and Tanjiro VS Rui (Demon Slayer). These are sold at €31.99. Finally, the Mystery Minis (€7.99) which contain a random miniature figure and the Fnac previews (€17.99) including those from the film “The Batman” are also on sale.

Funko Pop Roundup

The Funko company was created in 1998 by Mike Becker and initially marketed “bobblehead” figurines. Pop figurines will be born much later and the first license to be exploited will be DC Comics with the distribution of the first figurines at Comic Con in San Diego in 2010.

Easily recognizable Funko Pop figurines generally measure 9 cm and are characterized by rather coarse features: a large head, a small body, large black eyes and always well-chosen details to refer to a specific scene or event. Today more than 10,000 characters and famous people have been represented.

Alongside the classic figurines there are also special editions:

  • “Supersized” figurines which measure approximately 15 cm and are used to represent larger characters (Hagrid or Smaug for example)
  • the Pop “Rides” for the characters accompanied by a means of transport from the telephone booth to the dragon
  • the more recent “Movie Moments” recreate cult scenes from films, series, comics or manga

We also have, among others, the “flocked”, the “glow in the dark”, the “glitter”, the “gold” and the “clear” which each have their own specificities.

Buy Funko Pop in 2+1 promotion offered at Fnac

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