“Puss in Boots 2”: the death of a legend and the clue to the return of “Shrek”

with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek, is a pleasant surprise in what seemed to be a bad nostalgic movie about the franchise. . After two decades, the validity of the saga is unquestionable and a It seemed to be a desperate attempt to touch, at least for a few seconds, the miraculous act that occurred in 2001. It turned out to be the opposite: a powerful, funny story with unconventional animation. The saddest joke of all. A risky proposal about the fear of death and reality. A tribute to life. A film that amuses, scares and moves. The magic happened again.

The It is not a typical tape for the family to laugh a couple of times and talk about other things. In each of its dimensions, there is a committed commitment. terror is not disguised. Comedy is functional and also ambiguous. The epic is impressive because of the Japanese anime-like animation. The fear hits home, with an impressive character named first as a Bounty Hunter.

All these nuances begin with a party, that of Puss in Boots; or better, , that character full of adventures, excesses and irreverence. Everyone’s favorite hero and for different ages. You have the tender, adventurous, partying and heroic character. A cat that is capable of humiliating a despotic authority and taking down a kind of huge troll without a scratch. But legends die tooso have many lives.

Puss in Boots at a celebration at the beginning of the film (Photo: DreamWorks Animation)


In this movie, it is true that cats have many lives: nine, to be exact. How many lives has our hero lost? Yes, he has lost eight, he only has one left, the one that is in danger from a bounty hunter who wants his head, the one that adorns the famous “Wanted” poster.

After losing his eighth life, the village doctor advises him to hang up his bootsthat it is necessary to avoid adventures to enjoy your last life. Cat, of course, does not listen to him and goes to drink milk in a bar. There he meets Wolf, a sinister being who wants to tear his life with two sickles. He looks like a bounty hunter but he is something more than that.

The real fight begins for Puss in Boots, one that he must fight throughout the film. The usual animation takes other paths to show a cool battle. As pointed out at the beginning: if the confrontation with the troll seemed like a scene from “Attack the titans”the fight with this villain is like one of “Demon Slayer” or the one from your favorite anime. The cat, surprised, loses all the shine on him with the sword. He is defeated. Immortality is over.

Puss in Boots reading a message in the movie (Photo: DreamWorks Animation)

Puss in Boots reading a message in the movie (Photo: DreamWorks Animation)


the hero is scared. His skin crawls, he goes into a dizzying state of panic. Fear takes shape in an animation that gives rise to the skin. The terror of Puss in Boots is also that of the viewer. Death, in the end, equal to all. The legend leaves not only his boots, but also his sword and escapes to a maternity shelter to hide in an ironic facet: being a real cat.

There he meets his Donkeyas he had it Shrek to recognize himself as an ogre who loves. The Cat has a Dog, a strange animal that masquerades as a cat because it has been abandoned. He is also talkative and kind-hearted. The secondary character will be vital for the ousted hero to find his redemption. In a film about the terror of death, the irrationality of the Dog’s faith is a necessary opposition.

Because, throughout the film, we will discover that, in reality, The general theme that runs through the whole story is fear.. The Cat was always afraid. That’s why he distracted his heart with adventures and parties. Because that way he evaded his reality: that his nine lives would end sooner or later; that he was afraid of leaving glory behind by starting a family with Kitty Softfoot; that growing old could be a hero’s hell, the opposite of the greatness of fame.

That’s why he will look for a magic star to fulfill their wish to recover their previous lives, and thus continue with the party. Puss in Boots still doesn’t understand that everything has its end. That even the celebrations of the “Shrek” movies are over, despite the fact that you have defeated evil kings, wild dragons, power-loving fairy godmothers and malicious wizards.

Bearded Cat with Dog (Photo: DreamWorks Animation)

Bearded Cat with Dog (Photo: DreamWorks Animation)


By now it is more than evident that the bounty hunting Wolf is actually death, the grim reaper, who is after the last life of Puss in Boots and who is sick of waiting in the middle of the hero’s farce. Must be the best animated villain of the “Shrek” franchise. It scares like no other, it is omnipresent, it smells your fear, it knows your steps, it will always find you, whether in an enchanted forest or a canteen.

Death is the great villain of “Puss in Boots 2”Noel “Great” Jack Horner, although its presentation is also good and maintains the style of the franchise: a monster full of references to fairy tales. A despicable being, almost a psychopath, who has no remorse or an ounce of empathy. But the antagonist is death, that terror so ancient and inescapable that it shakes any courage or idea of ​​​​the future of the Cat.

Puss in Boots next to death (Photo: DreamWorks Animation)

Puss in Boots next to death (Photo: DreamWorks Animation)


Even the predictable has its taste in this film. Obviously, it will be a happy ending for Puss in Boots. It will save your skin, once again. But he will do it in an unusual way. He will go the hard way, understanding that immortality is an illusion and that life must be faced with our heads held highlooking at reality as it is, with its beauty and its cruelty, and taking risks for the future despite the fear of growing up, getting old and dying.

The legend of Puss in Boots, as we knew it, is dead. This new life of the Cat makes the “Shrek” franchise gain a new character, Dog, and a chance for everyone’s favorite ogre to return to the big screen. After the end of the battle, the protagonists steal a ship and reach the shores of a kingdom with a known sign. “Far Far Away” (“Far Far Away”) to visit an old friend. The previous adventure towards a possible Shrek 5 it has been a great journey.


no technically “Puss in Boots 2” does not have post-credits scenes. The trailer for a possible fifth “Shrek” movie appears immediately after the resolution of the film’s final battle. After the credits, there is only the black screen.

Here you can see the Official trailer for “Puss in Boots 2”:

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