Re: Take wins after tussle with YouTube

After their channel was threatened with deletion by YouTube, the 3 strike videos of Re: Take are finally back on the platform.

The Sword of Damocles had been hanging over them for several months. Re: Take can now breathe, since three of their videos, deleted by YouTube, have reappeared on the platform. The last stage of a long legal misadventure.

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Re: Take : “We feel so much lighter now”

Victoirerejoiced Victor and Maxime. Hurry to restart the machine. We feel so much lighter now that this story is over. Thank you for the THOUSANDS of messages you have sent us.Five years ago, these two professional dubbing actors launched themselves on YouTube. Since then they create anime parodies on the channel Re: Takea concept that got them a lot of copyright issues.

As a reminder, the parodies of Demon Slayer and erased were removed by YouTube last June. Without caring more than that, the two videographers had taken steps to prove that they were within their rights. Finally, a third parody – that of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – had been struck. This time, it was a real problem: indeed, after 3 strikes, the channel concerned is deleted by YouTube.

Re: Take should therefore be deleted on September 23, and with it the videos, all the accumulated views and their subscribers. Finally, after the publication of a press release and with the support of their community, Victor and Maxime were contacted by YouTube and won their case. And after 2 long weeks of waiting, all deleted parodies are available again on their channel.

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