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Our specialist journalists have made their recommendations. The floor is now over to the readers, who sent us their favorite series and films of the year in large numbers, following a call to all.

Can you hear me ?

“My discovery of the year is Can you hear me ?. I watched the first two seasons with a friend and watched them again with my partner, which I usually never do. Season 3 threw us to the ground. I watched the final three times. This series has the right tone, makes us laugh and cry. There is a total symbiosis with the characters. “

Renee picard

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Lily Collins in a scene from the series Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris

« Emily in Paris. As much as it seems light, I liked it so much! With these difficult pandemic times, traveling to Paris has been fun and fun. These beautiful images made me discover this charming city, that candy for the eyes! I traveled… in my living room! “

Sylvie Hunter

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The Power of the Dog

« The Power of the Dog. A beautiful film from all points of view: music, images, characters. A captivating film. “

Brigitte Fachena

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Normand Daneau, Yanic Truesdale, Christian Bégin and Alexis Martin on the set of the series Guys


“We discovered the series Guys. We needed to laugh this year and we were served! Very talented actors! “

Annie Aubé

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier

“I fell in love with the Marvel series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The development of the characters throughout the series (and in connection with the previous films) is tasty. Not to mention the work of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan! “

Josée Mignault

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” Series Maid particularly upset me. We discover a society, the United States, where one can become poor overnight. How difficult it is to get by in this country where supposedly anything is possible. The tone is right and the actors, formidable… I recommend this series to everyone. “

Chantal Lambert

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Arcane and Maid

“TV series Arcane and Maid. As it concerns Arcane, I had never followed such a beautiful and rhythmic cartoon series. An incredible soundtrack, breathtaking retro-futuristic sets, costumes of great refinement, worthy of the greatest couturiers. And virtual actors whose facial expressions beautifully express a range of emotions. Maid, for its realism and relevance. It’s a descent into hell and a sublime ascent that comforts, with this resilient and courageous character who comes back up the slope after having suffered physical and psychological violence. I loved the actress [Margaret Qualley] in My Salinger Year ; she knew how to exploit her full potential in this television series. “

Vincent fortier

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A scene from the documentary Get Back

Get Back

“For me, it’s the Get Back by Peter Jackson. Seeing the Beatles as we should have seen them in 1970. To see them work and have fun with friends is a total pleasure for fans and the curious. With in the end the rooftop concert presented in full, I had chills. What a beautiful historic moment! “

Michel charron

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Tick, tick… BOOM !

” The film tick, tick… BOOM ! on Netflix. Andrew Garfield as Jonathan Larson is simply stunning. This actor has all the talents! An Oscar ? ”

Francois Gauthier

Sleepless night

“Unfortunately, Radio-Canada has just put an end to my discovery of the year: the soap opera Sleepless night. How I liked all these intrigues in the same story of Loulou’s family. I really enjoyed the way the story was told to us with these returns in the 1970s. The visual quality was really magnificent and I discovered several little-known actors, all very good. A soap opera that even caught up with my partner, who only listens to District 31 ! I am therefore one of the 845,000 very disappointed viewers. “

Brigitte Chicoine

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A scene fromAudrey came back

Audrey came back

“Lately, I discovered the series Audrey came back. What a touching series and a spectacular play by seasoned actors, starting with that of Florence Longpré. Wow! “

Silvie lacourse

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Candice Renoir and The office of legends

“My big discoveries this year were two French series that I devoured in a burst. The first one, Candice Renoir, for the sun that emanated from everything: the clothes, the place, the lines and the imperfect main character, curly at the healthy weight with the air of nunuche that one does not see coming and so effective. The second, The office of legends, for the suspense close to a political reality, supported by excellent French actors. “

Nicole leduc

Candice Renoir, on ICI TOU.TV Extra; The office of legends, on TV5 UNIS

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Pier-Luc Funk and Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, hosts of the Mammouth 2021 evening


« Mammoth… Young people in full possession of the understanding of the different problems they will have to go through and crisp with truth, smiles and confidence in the future; 10 out of 10 for the achievement! “

Nicole L. Sanschagrin

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The Money Heist

“Of course, the phenomenon The Money Heist joined me again this year. I had been a huge fan since Season 1, but the final season, split into two parts, concluded the series successfully. Twists and turns, surprise and stress: this is what The Money Heist gave me every episode! The circle is complete and, unlike many other series, it could not have been better. “

Marc-Antoine Caron

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Demon Slayer

“I am the mother of three teenagers and since the start of the pandemic they have become adept at Japanese anime. I did not understand their enthusiasm at all. So I decided, last January, to follow a series that my children devoured: Demon Slayer. I must point out that real otaku (manga lovers) like to watch series in their original language with subtitles. So I played the game and plunged into this universe. Here at 46 years old, I became an otaku, like mine. I devour manga and their series. Several manga and series have hooked me, but the best is Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba). To discover without hesitation. “

Lucie Ayoub

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