Reunion: FocusTECH, a day dedicated to video game professions

FocusTECH video games is back for the 3rd edition! Video game enthusiasts or novices in the field are invited to discover the world of video games in its entirety, but also its development on the local territory.

Video games have become more popular in recent years, and have become increasingly popular with the general public. In order to introduce this growing universe to the Reunion population, Epitech is organizing a day dedicated to video game professions on Saturday December 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Through FocusTECH, anyone will be able to obtain information from professionals and future video game professionals: How do video games respond to current societal challenges? Who are the local video game players in Reunion? How to work in this area?

Visitors will be able to have their questions answered through:

  • Meetings with local professionals
  • Conferences on the history and professions of video games
  • Activities on the video game and introduction to programming.

Denis MAILLOT, 2nd year student and young entrepreneur, will present the video games he has designed and launched on the famous Steam platform. He will also talk about his upcoming projects, for example the development of his first game on Switch, following the authorizations and development kit received from Nintendo.

Rodolphe BAX, winner of the Game Cup 2022 (first French Cup for independent video games), in the Newbie category, will also be present on the day as well as other video game players such as Arnaud BRU from Collectif Bouftang, Laura THOUZEAU, project leader in the field of video games & hope prize at the Innovative Company competition etc.

Epitech, the benchmark IT school, has been training developer profiles appreciated by video game studios for 20 years. This event is free and open to all.

Registration is open at this address: