Review Vol.22 Demon Slayer – Manga

After the battle against the Upper Moons, which claimed the lives of several Pillars and Slayers, the fight against Muzan has begun, and it takes place in the heart of a city ravaged by hostilities! If Tamayo’s remedy does not seem effective against such an enemy, the human warriors still alive have one last solution to eliminate their sworn enemy: Stand up to him until sunrise.

The final battle of Demon Slayer having begun, it is time for Koyoharu Gotôge to play his last cards, so as to conclude the story with dignity while offering us a confrontation that will remain in memory. And at first glance, there is reason to be confused by the full capabilities of Muzan, his power ultimately proving to be very simple, but still formidable enough to prevent any positive outcome. In this context, the Pillars still standing struggle to strike the slightest blow to the enemy, while the rest of the series’ key characters enter the scene in turn to, too, do battle.

Everything is going at full speed in this penultimate volume, the challenge of which is to demonstrate the overpowering of Muzan. The bet paid off as the combat, devastating as one might wish, pushes the combatants still alive to their last entrenchments, without creating an equality in the balance of power. The nekketsu then reaches its greatest excess: Even if everything seems lost and even if it means ending up butchered, everyone pours all of their forces into the battle for the sole purpose of gaining time in order to expose the opponent to the light of the Sun. , more than strictly defeating this one.

In terms of intensity, the mangaka sets the bar quite high, but is not satisfied with this facility to develop this nervous decisive confrontation. Because little by little, certain twists manage to redistribute a tad the cards, reversals of situation justified and prepared upstream and which come to thwart certain astonishing elements of the previous chapters. And besides that, the whole plot centered on the Breath of the Sun and its link with the Kamado is complete, giving meaning to what the story has been developing for a while, while avoiding the trick of the hero who does not owe his talent than to his lineage. It is rather well seen as it allows to give legitimacy to the protagonist, without making it a being with innate power.

For all these elements, the penultimate opus offers us a good reading time and, certainly, a great show. We can criticize Koyoharu Gotôge for his a bit messy cutting, but this one ultimately serves all the aggressiveness of the confrontation. Whether intentionally intended or not, the effect is there.

There is therefore only one volume left before the end of Demon Slayer, a volume which will be decisive as its roles will be multiple: To complete the final combat with dignity, to allow a victory for the heroes without falling into the easy way, to close the intrigue centered on Nezuko, draw up a final point so as to end the adventure without regret… Quite a program! And on our side, it’s hard not to feel regret in advance at the idea of ​​having to leave the universe and its endearing figures. Never mind, there is still a volume, and we hope to be able to appreciate it as it should.