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Roblox’s Slayers Unleashed codes can get plenty of rerolls to help you in your hunt for demons. Here is a list of codes to reroll your Demon Art, Slayer Mark, Breathing Style and more!

Slayers Unleashed codes make it much easier to progress on this must-have Roblox game. Indeed, these codes allow in particular to “reroll” a number of characteristics of your character. In other words, using a code gives you the opportunity to reassign your Breathing, your Race, your Clan and many other elements in order to start afresh.

Inspired by the iconic manga and anime Demon Slayer, Slayers Unleashed is one of the most popular Roblox games around. The game sends you to a dangerous world where you will have to face many creatures and other players in order to improve your character.

Here are all the Slayers Unleashed codes currently available on Roblox!


List of Slayers Unleashed Codes

Here’s the full list of Slayers Unleashed codes as of July 2022.

It is important to note that variations of these codes exist and can be used simply by changing the number at the end of the code. For example, you can use ;code 1YRBREATHING1,;code 1YRBREATHING2,;code 1YRBREATHING1… until;code 1YRBREATHING20 in order to enjoy a different effect.

How do I redeem a Slayers Unleashed code?

Redeeming a code on Slayers Unleashed is incredibly quick and easy. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Make sure you have joined the official group Slayers Unleashed
  2. Go to the page Slayers Unleashed from Roblox Official Site
  3. Click on the big green button with the Play icon to launch the game
  4. Once in game, you will find the text chat on the left of your screen
  5. Copy/paste one of the above codes into the chat and hit enter
  6. A message will tell you that your code has been successfully redeemed.

List of expired codes

Here is the list of previously working codes on Slayers Unleashed. Each code ends inexorably by expiring to end up in this list.

What are Slayers Unleashed Codes for?

Roblox Slayers Unleashed Codes unlock a lot of perks. Indeed, these allow you to reroll many elements and characteristics of your character and thus allow you to correct your customization errors.

These codes give you the opportunity to completely change your style of play: do not hesitate to experiment with many builds on Slayers Unleashed, using this feature for your little experiments.

New codes are added regularly, and we will update this list to provide them to you to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable.