Roblox: These are the codes for September 2022 – Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball and Race Clicker – Geek Culture

Like every beginning of the month, Roblox brings a new litter of free codes to redeem in the different sections of the video game.

New month, new codes for Roblox! The popular video game platform on-line celebrate the arrival of each month with a series of content available through codes. In this note, we will provide the codes for Demon Slayer RPG 2, Race Clicker and Dragon Ball HyperBloodplus how to redeem them.

We’ll start with the spin off of demon slayer. Based on the anime of the same name, this section of Roblox It has a simple but effective premise: become a demon hunter or bring out the evil being inside you. Next, their respective codes and the path to load them into the game:


Based on the information provided by Dexertothese 5 codes are still valid in Demon Slayer RPG 2: !AugustRaceResetwhich, as its name indicates, players will be able to restart their Race for free, !AugustNichirinColorResetfor those who wish to claim a Reset in the Color of his sword Nichirin, !AugustBreathingReset, !AugustDemonArtResetin exchange for a reboot of an art Demon and finally !AugustEXPBoostintended to elevate the experience received by an hour.

As you can see in the attached image, the codes of demon slayer are exchanged at log in, click the button located in the upper left corner, enter the code (with a “!” always at the beginning) and that’s it! It should be clarified that Dexerto commented that there will be a Error message when introducing them, but that it is only a bug of Roblox.


Now, we have to talk about Race Clickerthe “terror” of the mouseyes With a gameplay based on giving clicks quickly, this minigame included in Roblox It also has codes and with a simple redemption system, located to the right of the main screen under the name codes.

Once there, we can claim the following benefits in winsa special currency with which they can boost his speed stats: NewUpdatewins x3 ThanksFor5MillionsVisitswins x8, LetsGo5KLikes by wins x6, Almost100MVisits Y 1MGroupMembers what will they give x15 wins each one, together Thankyou50Mwhich will give a total of x25 wins.

dragon ball

Finally we have to talk about Dragon Ball Hyper Bloodthe world of Roblox adapted to the franchise Akira Toriyama where the slogan is to become the most powerful character and defeat the bosses of the game at the same time that they will be able to fight against other players in the RRP.

Again, the code entry method is very simple: from the main screen, before entering the game, in the lower left you will find the famous button CODES and from there you can enter: 42KLIK3Zwhich will give you Zenkai x1and then a series of codes based on boost stats What: COOLDOWN (6 millions to all statistics), N3WB00S (10 million), MINIM4P (3 millions), FR33CODE (6 million permanently),Y WHONDERWORLD (6 millions). This is the end of our list of codes September 2022 for Roblox. What is your favorite video game within this broad platform?