Romantic Killer makes us fall in love with its new trailer

geekzillos, who doesn’t like love stories? And even more love stories and video games, or you may like one and not the other, it doesn’t matter! We just want to give you the news that Netflix makes us fall in love with the new trailer for Romantic Killer and shows us the members of his cast, ready?

Romantic Killer

Is Anzu interested in romance? NO! Is she interested in fashion? NOT AT ALL! Video games, chocolates and cats is her daily bread. Well, Anzu’s life will surely be turned upside down when she is transported into the world of her favorite dating sim video game: a world full of “handsome guys”!

Today we will meet the cast of Romantic Killerwhich also brings us a new trailer and image before its world premiere on Netflix.

Watch the (not so) romantic trailer for Romantic Killer

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Romantic Killer

to the cast of Romantic KillerJoin the following characters and their respective actors:

Romantic Killer

The series also announced that Mikako Komatsu will perform the ending “Romantic Love ~Renai Shimasen ka?☆~“.

Anzu Hoshino is a high school girl who is a non-heroine type who doesn’t pay attention to fashion or romance and spends every day playing video games. After the magician Riri suddenly appears and confiscates Anzu’s three favorite things (video games, chocolate, and cats), the cute boys chase after her!

The anime Romantic Killer adapts the manga of the same name from Wataru Momose. The direction of the anime will be in charge of Kazuya Ichikawa (Burning Kabaddi) under the studio DOMERICA with the planning and production of Netflix.

We can see the romantic anime on netflixthe series will premiere worldwide on October 27.

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