Royalties, Pass culture, metaverse… What Macron promises for culture

Emmanuel Macron will face the candidate of the National Rally in the second round of the presidential election. What does it offer in terms of culture?

The day after the first round of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are still in the running. On his campaign site, the candidate mainly highlights the results of his 5 years at the Elysée, mentioning in particular the Culture Pass for young people, the preservation of heritage and support for artistic creation. Here are Emmanuel Macron’s few proposals in terms of culture.

• Extension of the Culture Pass

Emmanuel Macron to “extend the Culture Pass to access culture at a younger age”. Since January 2022, this system, launched in June 2021 for young people aged 18, is also accessible to 15-17 year olds. The Culture Pass was designed to promote access to culture, by offering young people the sum of 300 euros to spend on cultural goods and services, such as books, tickets to shows, records or musical instruments.

• End of the audiovisual license fee

Emmanuel Macron proposes, in his program, to remove the fee, currently backed by the housing tax. Amounting to 138 euros, this tax brings in 3.2 billion euros and makes it possible to finance television and radio channels in the public sector, such as France Télévisions, Radio France, Arte or France Médias Monde (France 24, RFI …), and the INA. Its abolition raises the question of funding and the future independence of public broadcasting.

• Cultural and informational independence

The candidate mentioned, in a speech on March 17, detailing the main points of his program, cultural and informational independence.

“The crises we are experiencing, the transitions, the new forms of war show how much information, fiction, creation forge minds in open democratic societies and are subjects of sovereignty and independence”, declared Emmanuel Macron , which therefore wishes to “protect free information against interference” and launch “States General for the right to information”. There will be established the “elements allowing the defense of free and independent information”.

Emmanuel Macron also intends to “sustain the financing of independent free information and documentary production”.

• Support for young creators

Emmanuel Macron wants to “make new public artistic commissions across France to support young creators”.

• Build European metaverses

During his speech on March 17, 2022, Emmanuel Macron also expressed his wish to create a metaverse on a European scale, to compete the metaverses initiated by the American giants and Asians. He therefore wants to “invest to build European metaverses and offer experiences in virtual reality, around our museums, our heritage and new creations, while protecting copyright and neighboring rights”.

“We will fight to build a European metaverse, declared the candidate on March 17. This is a key subject both for creation, but also for the capacity for all our creators, whatever their cultural field and their field of activity, not to depend on Anglo-Saxon or Chinese actors or aggregators, who will be able to completely circumvent the rules of respect for copyright or neighboring rights”.