Rumors Trend Again With Website Domain Registration

Solo Leveling topped 2021’s “Manga We Want to see Animated” poll, but new rumors of an anime adaptation are spreading like wildfire online.

2022 has already been a bumper year for anime fans with the return of Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan in Q1, the dominance of Spy x Family in Q2, and the upcoming Chainsaw Man series in Q3 set to smash the internet.

However, there is one person missing from the modern anime world, Jin-Woo. The protagonist of the hit web novel “Solo Leveling” has yet to make his anime debut, but will he ever get a chance to appear in a TV series and if so, when might fans see an animated adaptation?


Well, new rumors are circulating online that a Solo Leveling anime adaptation could be confirmed by the end of next month, following reports from a Japanese website for a TV series being taped.

Official Trailer: Solo Leveling

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Official Trailer: Solo Leveling





Solo Leveling anime rumors spread online with website domain

As of this writing, no production company has publicly confirmed that an anime adaptation of Solo Leveling is planned; however, social media has been flooded with rumors and theories about a possible television production.

This week, new rumors about an anime adaptation were spurred by reports that a Solo Leveling anime website domain was recently registered. According Anime Sempai“The Solo Leveling anime website titled “” was registered by a company based in Tokyo (Japan), GMO Internet, the same company is also responsible for the Sword Art Online anime website.”

The AnimeHype and IGN Southeast Asia Twitter pages are reportedly sharing the rumor on their respective pages, with AnimeHype notably that the Solo Leveling anime will be produced by A1 Pictures (the same company that produces Sword Art Online), in association with Aniplex and Crunchyroll. Follow-up posts mention that an official announcement is now expected in July 2022.

Interestingly, there were previously rumors of a 2022 Solo Leveling anime adaptation following the official DNC Webtoon Twitter page. share a teaser for the next OST (Original Sound Track). Subtitled “Solo Leveling x THE BOYZ”, the new song was published in February 2022 and fueled speculation that it was part of a larger promotional campaign for an anime adaptation.

While an official confirmation of a TV production is still unannounced, it’s surely only a matter of time before Jin-Woo hits our TV screens. The most obvious reason for our optimism is fairly obvious, popularity. Solo Leveling is arguably the most popular web novel in the world right now and constantly trending on social media with each new chapter.

In fact, Solo Leveling is the most requested anime adaptation; Trim AnimeJapan’s “Manga We Want to See Animated” poll last year and even received over 215,000 signatures on a petition. The large dedicated fan base that Solo Leveling has cultivated could serve as a great platform for a TV series launch, but we’ll have to wait until July to see if these anime adaptation rumors hold up. really true.

The problem with animating the webtoon like a typical anime

While an anime adaptation would undoubtedly be a worldwide hit, there may be a slight caveat with the Solo Leveling series adaptation; specifically, regarding Japanese production studios.

As a YouTuber’Yiman‘ pointed out in a popular video, the Japanese company isn’t necessarily portrayed favorably in some Solo Leveling arcs.

He suggests that this could mean that Japanese animation studios may not want to adapt the series unless they are willing to change specific aspects of the story.

A potential solution would be to entrust a South Korean or American animation studio with the production of series such as Mir Studioor even streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll by doing an original production (as they say now).

Although, given Solo Leveling’s incredible artwork and outstanding visuals from other anime, in an ideal world the series would be adapted by MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen) or Ufotable (Demon Slayer).

When could a Solo Leveling anime potentially release?

Unfortunately, predicting a potential release date for a Solo Leveling anime adaptation depends on several primary factors; when the production is announced and the number of episodes and the animation studio.

The announcement of an anime can happen at any time, but anime adaptations usually take between 7 and 13 months to release after an official reveal. Assuming recent rumors of a July announcement are correct, that would put a potential first window as early as January 2023, although a more realistic expectation would be for April or July next year.

Then we have the number of episodes; if Solo Leveling season 1 consisted of 12-15 episodes, it would air a slate earlier than if it consisted of 24-25 episodes – which itself would likely use split-court production.

Finally, we have the animation studios; It might be a pretty obvious statement, but the bigger the studio, the more resources it has at its disposal to ramp up production. While A1 Pictures is leading the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling, fans can expect high-quality production on par with Sword Art Online, Darling in the Franxx, and 86 Eighty-Six.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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