Sales 2022: the top promotions for this Monday

SALES. The sales are not over, and the first markdown should soon arrive in stores. Discover the top of the best promotions currently available.

The best products

The essential

  • There are about 3 weeks left before the end of the 2022 winter sales. This event started on January 12, and will run until February 8.
  • Several major brands actively participate in the sales. This is notably the case of CDiscount, Rakuten, Darty, Amazon and Fnac. Convenience stores can also participate in the operation by selling off their products.
  • Several markdowns are expected for the 2022 winter sales. These should make it possible to benefit from new price reductions on all kinds of very different products.

Best deals by product

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The best laptop deals from the winter sales

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The best deals from the tablet sales

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The best smartphone offers of the winter sales 2022

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The best iPhone deals of the winter sales 2022

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The best winter sale TV deals

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And immediately

19:29 – A laptop PC at a bargain price for the sales!

A cheap laptop with the sales? It’s possible ! Fnac is currently selling off prices on many references of laptops dedicated to office automation or video games. Find in particular a superb Acer Swift 3 at 849 euros instead of its base price of 1299 euros!

18:31 – Ni No Kuni game on Switch on sale in store

Fancy a new game on sale for the sales? The excellent RPG Ni No Kuni 2 is down in price at Fnac, as long as you choose to pick it up in store! Enjoy this excellent game on your Nintendo Switch console at only 29.99 euros.

17:58 – The Demon Slayer game on PS5 on sale

Sales are hitting hard on video games! We find in particular the very recent game Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) on promotion on PS5 at only 39.99 euros ! A great prize to find your favorite characters from the manga in epic confrontations on next gen console.

17:10 – 35% less on a virtual reality headset!

Want to get away from it all by staying at home? Take advantage of the sales to acquire an HTC Vive Cosmos virtual reality headset! This high-tech tool is currently available on sale at 487 euros instead of its usual price of 749 euros! A big price drop all in all!

16:20 – A built-in dishwasher at a bargain price for the sales

Sales often concern household appliances! CDiscount notably offers a nice Bosch brand dishwasher capable of accommodating up to 13 place settings. The latter is currently available at only 369 euro using the special code 30des399 !

15:39 – The famous werewolf board game on sale

Want to take advantage of the sales to rediscover a cult game? Take advantage of a nice little promotion on the Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux board game at Amazon! This classic is currently available at only 7.75 euros!

2:20 p.m. – Half price on Funko Pops for the sales!

Fnac contributes a lot to the winter sales. The brand currently offers a whole bunch of Funko Pop figurines with discounts of up to -50% ! Find your favorite characters from Dragon Ball, The Boys, Marvel, and many other licenses.

13:11 – A great half price gaming headset for sale

If you are looking for a gaming headset to play with your friends online, this good plan is for you! Amazon is offering a great promotion on the SteelSeries Arctis 1 capable of being used on a PC, a Nintendo Switch, and an Xbox. The latter is now available for 57 euros for a limited time!

12:25 – The latest Apple Watch Series 7 on sale

Rakuten also participates in sales! The site currently offers the latest Apple Watch Series 7 at 384 euros instead of its base price of 428 euros! This connected watch is a must have for Apple fans who will appreciate its revised and improved autonomy.

11:13 – The Amazon voice assistant at half price!

Want connected objects for the sales? Boulanger offers several promotions on voice assistants from Amazon. We find in particular the Echo Dot 3 which will allow you to easily control your music and connected objects at only 21.99 euros!

10:07 – The Google Pixel 6 at a very good price at Rakuten

You obviously have to rely on Rakuten for the winter sales! The site notably offers the Google Pixel 6 on promotion with the promo code CR20 which makes it available at 629 euros for a short time! Enjoy one of the best smartphones of the year while saving money.

09:10 – AirPods 2 with wireless charging case at a bargain price

AirPods are very often sought after during sales. Rueducommerce offers them currently at 125 euros with their wireless charging box! Take advantage of the famous headphones from Apple at a low price thanks to this deal.

What are the start and end dates of the 2022 winter sales?

The date of the next 2022 winter sales is set for Wednesday January 12 at 8 a.m.. The various offers offered are thus spread over 4 weeks and should remain available with several markdowns until Tuesday, February 08, 2022.

These dates concern the majority of the departments of the country, but not all! Indeed, it is customary for the overseas departments, as well as the Moselle, to have staggered dates for their sales periods. Find all the dates a little further down in this article.

The dates of the sales are now spread over 4 weeks instead of 6 previously. This shortened duration has been in effect since the 2020 winter sales and is the result of the Pacte Law. This duration applies, derogation of dates or not, to all French departments. The dates relating to the sales periods are set by order of the Minister responsible for the economy, for a period ranging from 3 to 6 weeks.

Each sales period has its own rules to set its dates. Thus, the winter sales generally take place from the second Wednesday of January. The summer sales are held on the last Wednesday of June.

What are the dates of the winter sales in Paris, Moselle, overseas?

The dates of the sales are the same for the vast majority of departments, but some exceptions are nevertheless noted, in connection with historical traditions or tourist imperatives. If the dates of the sales in Paris and in almost the entire country are those mentioned above, derogatory dates are thus applied for certain departments and regions.

Department / region Start date of winter sales 2022 End date of winter sales 2022
Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle and Vosges Monday January 3 Sunday January 30
Alpes-Maritimes and Pyrénées-Orientales Wednesday January 12 Tuesday February 8
Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse Wednesday January 12 Tuesday February 8
Guadeloupe (unofficial) Wednesday January 12 Tuesday February 8
Guyana Wednesday January 12 Tuesday February 8
Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin Saturday May 7 Friday May 21
The meeting Saturday February 5 (summer sales) Saturday March 5
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Wednesday January 19 Tuesday February 15

What dates for the 2nd and 3rd markdowns?

If the dates of the sales are imposed on merchants by the legislation in force, the latter are free to choose the dates from which they carry out greater discounts. Each sign therefore decides on the date of the 2nd markdown, some choose to make a 3rd. In general, stores display new discounts from the second week of the sales, and a final markdown during the 3rd week of the promotions.

What is the difference between sales and private sales?

You’ve probably come across “Private Sales” signs on your way lately. And for good reason: these operations often take place in the weeks preceding the national sales. Unlike seasonal sales, private sales tend to cater to an already loyal customer base. Big advantage: private sales also make it possible to acquire articles from the new collection on sale (when the sales aim to sell off stocks from previous collections). The retailer still largely finds his account in private sales because they can allow him to acquire new member customers (who will have taken out a loyalty card or subscribed to the store’s newsletter to be able to benefit from private sales).